Explore the Bible Lesson for June 4: The Path
May 15 2017 by Emily Carter, member, University Hills Baptist Church, Charlotte

Focal Passage: Psalm 1:1-6
As a child, one of my favorite places to play was near the creek that flowed through the pasture at my parent’s farm. Who can blame me? On a hot, humid summer’s day in Alabama; the creek and its wonderful shade trees were a real treat. In Psalm 1, readers are encouraged to avoid the wicked and not to take their advice. Instead we are to take our delight “in the LORD’s instructions” (Psalm 1:2).
Meditating on God’s Word will allow us to experience His blessings more fully. Spending time focusing on God’s Word will allow our relationship to grow “like a tree planted beside streams of water” (Psalm 1:3). A tree’s roots will seek out water and nutrients wherever it is planted. It is the same for us, in order to grow in our faith we must spend time in the scriptures.
The second portion of Psalm 1 warns us of a difference between the wicked and the righteous: “For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous” (Psalm 1:6). The wicked simply blow away.

Those are comforting words when we look and see so much wickedness and sin around us! It is nice to know that in God’s economy, righteousness wins. In this world where the wicked seem to be gaining power and prestige, God is still taking notice of the righteous and the things they do. Two years ago, I walked the pasture to see the creek scene of my childhood expeditions. To my disappointment the trees had thinned out and the creek had run dry due to multiple years of drought conditions. It is the same way with our relationship with God. If we don’t spend time meditating on His Word then our relationship grows dry. Spending time with the Lord and drinking the water of His Word, will bring rain to the dry creek bed of our souls and allow our relationship to be well nourished.

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