Explore the Bible Lesson for May 28: What Do We Do Now?
May 15 2017 by Bartley Wooten, pastor, Beulaville Baptist Church

Focal passage: Matthew 28:16-20
“Disciple-making? It’s not that difficult. Here are a few practical tips. First, become omniscient. By being ‘all-knowing,’ you can easily identify where a Christian is on his journey toward spiritual maturity. Next, master predestination so you can map out an efficient path for him. Of course, his own ‘free moral agency’ might give you trouble, but if he’ll devote himself to you body, soul and spirit, your difficulties should be few. Then, become omnipresent. If you’re with him every moment of every day, you can help him sort through his various experiences. In fact, the best plan would be to beam him directly to heaven, into an environment perfectly suited for spiritual growth. Oh, and don’t forget to lay in an infinite supply of love, patience, time and energy.”
Chris Adsit wrote these words in the introduction of his book, Personal Disciplemaking, making the point that helping believers mature in their faith is impossible without God.
This is why, in our focal passage, before Jesus ascends to the Father, He gives clear instructions (Matthew 28:16-20). First, Jesus assures them that all authority has been given to Him. Second, He commissions the disciples to make disciples. Third, He promises to be with them always.
The expectation Jesus has for making disciples is clear.  Jesus said, “go,” which meant you should go about life with a mission mindset. Once individuals are saved, they should be baptized as a way to express their new faith in Christ. And, we should teach them the truths of scripture and how to live in a way that pleases God.

None of this can be done apart from the presence and power of God. The next time you begin to invest in someone else for the gospel, don’t do it in your own strength. Rely on the “One” who commissioned you!

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