Explore the Bible Lesson for May 27: Finding Strength
May 14 2018 by Randy Mann, pastor, Central Baptist Church, Henderson

Focal passages: 2 Corinthians 12:7b-10; 13:2-8
Over the past five years as a lead pastor, there have been multiple occasions – even on Sunday mornings – when my physical health/stamina was greatly depleted. Sometimes that was due to physical fatigue, other times physical illness and still other times emotional exhaustion. No matter the cause, the potential outcome was the same – if God didn’t demonstrate His power in the midst of my weakness, my ministry that day was going to be greatly diminished, or worse.
I am so thankful that in every one of those cases, God demonstrated His power in my weakness and accomplished His will and purpose through me.
In 2 Corinthians 12-13, Paul makes it clear that God’s strength is most clearly demonstrated in the midst of our weakness. In fact, God made this truth so clear to Paul that Paul actually said he would boast about or glory in his weaknesses, knowing that it would be through His weakness that God’s power would be put on display.
There were others around Paul who were claiming their own power and strength and claiming that Paul’s ministry was weak and worthless. Just as Jesus had walked in personal meekness and physical weakness during His earthly ministry while demonstrating the Spirit’s power, so Paul too acknowledged personal weakness to allow God’s power to be evident in/through him. He would even challenge his naysayers to examine their own lives to see if there was any spiritual power and fruit – evidence of redemption – being manifested in them.
Where do you seek to find your strength? The reality is, we are all weak. Let’s not, then, try to hide our weaknesses, but rather quickly acknowledge them, finding strength in God and allowing His power to be shown through our weakness.
That is how He will receive glory, which should be our greatest desire!

5/14/2018 2:12:53 PM by Randy Mann, pastor, Central Baptist Church, Henderson | with 1 comments

Sandra Jeter
Your lesson helped me to understand strength through God.
5/26/2018 5:25:35 PM