Explore the Bible Lesson for May 19: Prepares
May 3 2019 by Mike Parry, member, North Wake Church, Wake Forest

Focal passage: Mark 14:3-11, 32-36
I remember the night I got a call from a family member saying they could no longer take care of their child. As my wife and I stepped in to take on the challenge of raising a child for the first time, we were venturing into unchartered territory. After getting back to our home around one in the morning, I knew we needed to rightly prepare ourselves in the area of child rearing.
As I completely underestimated the preparation, so too I believe we underestimate the preparation Jesus undertook as He went to the cross.
As we read an account where Jesus is physically being prepared (v. 8) with perfume, we later see Jesus mentally preparing in the Garden of Gethsemane with the Father. The text notes that Jesus was “deeply distressed and troubled” (v. 33) and His soul was “overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death” (v. 34). As Mark refers to Jesus as the “Son of Man” throughout his book, we get an incredible glimpse into Jesus’ humanity.
As the main point of the lesson notes, Jesus paid the price for our sin by submitting to the Father’s will.
As Jesus submits to the Father’s will, three points can be drawn: having those who are close to you (v. 33), keeping watch (v. 34) and praying (v.3 5).
Looking back, my wife and I prepared ourselves by reading what seemed at the time every blog about child rearing.
Although accepting this child into our home was not something we had planned, it was a part of the Father’s plan. As a result, we have been truly blessed by it.
As we submit to God’s plan for our lives, I encourage you to get involved in a small group within your church. Live life together. Keep watch by being accountable to others and keeping one other from theological error. Most importantly, pray for one another to seek God’s will for their life.
What price are you paying to submit to God’s will?

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