Formations Lesson for Dec- 12- He Named Him Jesus
November 30 2010 by Christopher Moore, minister of education, children and senior adults, Durham Memorial Baptist Church, Durham

Focal Passage: Matt. 1:18-25  

My daughter just turned 2, and I must confess: I worry about her. (Yes, I know Christians aren’t supposed to “worry,” so I make myself feel better by claiming I’m just “hyper-concerned.”) My wife and I have cabinet locks, drawer locks, outlet covers — you know, the standard safety paraphernalia.

But as any Christian parent can tell you, it’s not just my daughter’s physical safety that causes me “hyper-concern.” I think about her spiritual well-being, too.

What kind of Christ-like example will I be for her?

What decisions will she make as she grows older?

How can I guide her in the faith without pushing her away?

All in all, it’s a lot to think about, and the pressure at times can feel overwhelming.

But there is one resounding truth that helps me sleep at night, and it’s this: God is more concerned about my little girl than I am.

His parenting is perfect, even when mine falters.

Though God can work through me, God reserves the right to work in spite of me.

For an uneasy father, I find it comforting to know that God’s plan is much bigger than my own.

In today’s passage, Joseph had a tremendously difficult decision to make. Joseph had just discovered that his future bride was pregnant; nevertheless, God instructed him through a dream to take Mary as his wife.

While we aren’t given the inside scoop on the myriad of doubts and concerns that may have flooded Joseph’s mind at this point, we know that he acted in obedience. 

Do you ever wonder how this angelic message affected the way Joseph reared the young Jesus? Did this dream serve as a constant reminder that Joseph was parenting a child who was not his own?

If so, then Joseph’s reminder is one all parents should take to heart.

In other words, mothers and fathers must never forget that children belong to God first, and to parents second.

As a witness to Jesus’ birth and life, Joseph saw the remarkable role he was playing in God’s unfolding drama. In a wider sense, Joseph’s story speaks to all believers.

For Christians, Jesus still serves as a reminder that we aren’t calling the shots. We aren’t writing our own story; instead, we are finding our place in God’s story.

Just as Joseph’s plans for his son had to take a backseat to God’s plans for His Son, believers must remember that we are living lives that belong first and foremost to God.

Worry not. God’s concern for us far outweighs our concern for ourselves.  
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