Explore the Bible Lesson for Dec- 11- Stay on Track with God-s GPS
November 24 2011 by Randy Mann, minister of education and evangelism, Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church, Raleigh

Focal Passage: Numbers 9:1-11a, 15-19
GPS technology has revolutionized travel. People seem more willing to travel, and more confident as they travel, thanks to these small devices. For the most part, the GPS works well to help us navigate geographically. The question is: what kind of GPS-like tools has God provided to help us navigate spiritually through our lives, so that we live lives of obedience to His will in a way that will bring Him glory?
There are at least four things God uses in our lives today to give us His guidance:
  • the Bible
  • prayer
  • other believers
  • our circumstances. 
We must remember that these various tools are neither equally weighted nor equally trustworthy. The Bible is listed first for a reason. It simply must be first. Regardless of the situation we are facing in life, our first place to turn for wisdom and guidance must be the Word of God. Because the Word of God is given to us by the Spirit of God – who, by His very nature and character, cannot lie – we know we can trust the Word of God to tell us the truth and not to lead us astray.
The other three elements can, and should, be considered. They should always, however, be tested in light of scripture.
For instance, God will never tell us something in our prayer closet that contradicts His revelation to us in His Word. If there is ever a divergence between the two, we must always go with God’s Word. Further, God has graciously placed us in the Body of Christ so we can challenge and encourage each other to walk in obedience to Him. If, however, a brother or sister in Christ leads you in a direction that is contrary to God’s Word, you must follow God’s guidance, not man’s. Finally, God will sometimes use circumstances in our lives to guide and direct us.
In the midst of such circumstances, we must make sure that we allow God’s Word to interpret our circumstances and not vice versa. God has graciously provided His direction for us. Will we follow Him?
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