Explore the Bible Lesson for Dec- 2- Exposing A Broken Relationship
November 20 2012 by Matt Capps, associate pastor for adult ministries, Calvary Baptist Church, Winston-Salem

Focal Passages: Hosea 1:1-2; 2:2-5; 3:1-5
Hosea is a story of marital brokenness and redeeming love. On one level it is a story about a married couple, Hosea and his unfaithful wife, Gomer. Yet the marriage of Hosea and Gomer is much more; it is a parable of God’s relationship with his people.
Often we read these passages in the Old Testament and we are horrified at the despicable morality of people like Gomer. We are even shocked by the continual spiritual adultery of Israel in light of God’s persistent grace.
As we are swept into the narrative of the story something begins to swell deep within our souls, a cry for justice. “Shouldn’t Hosea abandon Gomer?” “Shouldn’t Israel be cast from God’s presence?”
But something different happens. Hosea pursues his wife like God allures His people. In 3:1-5 Hosea reflects the relentless love of God by purchasing his estranged and adulterous wife off the slave block and restoring their relationship. What a breath-taking picture of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
According to the Bible all people are sinful, rebellious and adulterers. We don’t deserve God’s mercy.
Like Gomer and Israel, it would be just for God to crush us in judgment. But what does God do? God pursues us and makes us “His people” and shows us His mercy.
Like Hosea did for Gomer, God pays the price to redeem us by crushing Christ on the cross. He judges our sin and restores us to Himself through Jesus’ death and resurrection. This is the magnificent scope of our redeemer’s love. We were all once spiritual prostitutes, but by the grace of God we have been declared His beautiful bride.
May our hearts melt with love in response to the gospel. In light of the gospel may all of our adulterous affairs lose their attractive power.
Our faithlessness is not enough to exhaust God’s faithfulness in pursuing us as His bride.

That’s good news.
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