Bible Studies for Life Lesson for November 23: Overcome an Earthly Mindset
November 6 2014 by Thomas Marshall, Spring Hill Baptist Church, Wagram

Focal Passage: Genesis 50:15-21
There are a number of powerful two-word phrases found in scripture. Each of these phrases is used in context with the power of God. However, there is one such phrase used 45 times that causes my spirit to leap for joy.
That phrase is: BUT GOD!
This small two-word phrase communicates a tremendous message to all who will hear. It is God’s response to Satan’s challenge. It is the last word. It is “all over but the shouting.”
“But God” stands diametrically opposed to the negative roar of the world. Consider that the world says no – “but God” says yes.
The world says can’t – “but God” says can. The world says won’t – “but God” says will. The world says stop – “but God” says go. The world says don’t – “but God” says do. The world says defeat – “but God” says victory! “But God” climbs the highest mountain; traverses the darkest valley; and sings songs of victory in the midnight hour. “But God” exclaims, “I’m going to the enemy’s camp, and I’ll take back what he stole from me!”
Satan thought he could stop the plan of God. Satan sought to end the Jewish race – because he knew the Messiah would come from them. If he eliminated the nation – God’s plan would be thwarted – and he would win!
“But God” had things in control. God would defeat Satan’s plan through Joseph. Acts 7:9 reminds us – “The patriarchs became jealous of Joseph and sold him into Egypt, but God was with him.” God has a plan for you (Jeremiah 29:11). If we could see things from God’s vantage point, we would know who is in control.
We need to see things from the Father’s perspective. Satan says defeat, but God says victory! Satan says disease, but God says healing! Satan says you’ve blown it, but God says He’ll forgive! Satan says it’s too late, but God says there’s still time!
Satan says wait until later, but God says today is the day! Satan says to roll over and play dead, but God says stand up! Satan says to give up, but God says to reach up! Satan says it’s over, but God says not yet!

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