Explore the Bible Lesson for November 15: Keeping His Promise
November 3 2015 by Hilary Ratchford, member, Hickory Grove Baptist Church, Charlotte

Focal passage: Genesis 21:1-8
Can you imagine the anticipation and excitement in Abraham’s household as they awaited the birth of the promised heir? The fulfillment of a promise made to Abraham nearly 25 years earlier? That is a significant amount of time to trust and wait upon the Lord. Like our lesson said, “Perhaps the long wait made the joy all the more greater.”
Going back to Genesis 12, Scripture tells us that Abram was 75 years old when he departed from Haran. He is promised by God that he will be made into a great nation (v. 2) and also that his offspring will inherit the land (v. 7). Yet, it is not until he is 100 years old when God’s promise is realized and Isaac is born to him. The first verse in our passage of Genesis 21 says, “The Lord visited Sarah as He had said, and the Lord did to Sarah as He had promised.” Just as God promised, in His predicted timing of one year later (Gen. 18:10), Sarah and Abraham become the proud parents of a son that would be the heir to God’s everlasting covenant.
The naming of this heir in the following verses points to God’s promise remembered. Scripture says that Abraham called the name of his son, Isaac, and then he circumcised him on the eighth day, just as God had commanded him in Genesis 17. Both Isaac’s circumcision and his name would serve as a constant reminder of God’s covenant and His faithfulness.
In the next verses of chapter 21, we witness God’s promise rejoiced. At the appropriate time, once Isaac was weaned, Abraham and Sarah celebrated his birth with a great feast (v. 8). This was not only a day of celebration but a rite of passage for Isaac. After all, God had promised Abraham that it would be through Isaac that his offspring shall be named (v. 12).

How amazing is our God! Not only is He faithful to keep His promises but He can be trusted to fulfill them in His perfecting timing and in His almighty power.

Praise Him today for His never-ending faithfulness!

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