Explore the Bible Lesson for November 27: With Anticipation
November 14 2016 by Randy Mann, lead pastor, Central Baptist Church, Henderson

Focal passage: 2 Peter 3:3-13, 17-18
My friend, Willie, has a neighbor whose house burned down resulting in a total loss for the young single mother and her daughter. A mutual friend of ours from church had her granddaughter choose some of her own toys to take to the young girl who lost everything. When the girl received the toys, she was so excited, saying, “Mr. Willie, that girl gave me half of all her toys!” Willie invited the girl to church to see this girl again.When he saw the young girl the following day, a Saturday, she quickly and excitedly asked, “Mr. Willie, are we going to church tomorrow?”
You see, she was excited about the opportunity to see her new friend. She knew Mr. Willie had promised he would take her, and she trusted Mr. Willie to keep his word. But, what if months passed and Mr. Willie didn’t take her? What if he was physically unable to take her? What if he simply forgot? That little girl would become discouraged and perhaps assume it would not happen.
The Apostle Peter is writing to these first century readers who have heard the promise of the return of Christ. The prophets had promised His return. Christ Himself had promised His return. These believers were excited about Christ’s return. They trusted Christ to be faithful to His promise. But, so far, He had not returned. Peter wrote to “remind” them that they could trust Christ. The fact that He had not yet returned should not cause them to doubt His truthfulness or His goodness, but rather to celebrate His grace toward those who had not yet repented and believed. Jesus wasn’t “slack” concerning His promise to return.
He certainly would return. As a result, these readers should strive to live holy and faithful lives until that day comes. Do you believe Christ is coming again? Do you live each day in light of His return? Who are you telling about Him and His return?

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