Bible Studies for Life Lesson for December 3: Jesus Calls
November 14 2017 by Daniela Sanchez, member, The Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham

Focal passage: Mark 1:14-20
Growing up, I loved fishing in the Rocky Mountains with my dad. As a seasoned expert, he was perfectly capable of fishing on his own, though he’d much rather share the experience with a loved one.
The joy it brought him was contagious, and I grew to love fishing because he loved it.
Before a fishing trip, we would gather equipment, prepare rods and talk about what we might catch. We’d be out the door by 4 a.m., but I didn’t mind getting up early. In fact, I didn’t care about leaving the comfort of my bed, because I treasured adventures with my dad. After finding the perfect spot, we’d sit on the bank, cast our line and wait for the fish to bite. On the occasion that I caught a fish, my dad had to reel it in because he was much stronger than I was.

Simon, Andrew, James and John were also fishermen who Jesus called to follow Him. Simon and Andrew “left their nets” and James and John “left their father” to become “fishers of men” (Mark 1:16-20). These men were willing to leave comfort behind for an undertaking that would change their lives. Jesus also shared how we can become fishers of men by repenting, believing the gospel, abiding in Christ and preaching the gospel (Mark 1:14-20). Much like preparing for a fishing trip, we must prepare to be fishers of men. We need faith and the Spirit, just as we need equipment; we need the gospel like we need a fishing rod; and we can anticipate the mission by conversing with God through prayer. We may cast the net of Good News, but our trust must rest in God to save souls. Our heavenly Father is the expert of salvation, and He’s more than able to accomplish the task without us. Nevertheless, He longs to share this adventure with His children.  The joy of our Lord is contagious, and we’ll grow to love the process of sharing the Good News, simply because He loves to share it too.

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