Bible Studies for Life Lesson for December 16: Mary’s Trust
November 30 2018 by Bartley Wooten, pastor, Beulaville Baptist Church

Focal passage: Luke 1:26-38
Have you ever wanted to quit? Have you been in that difficult job where your boss was treating you unfairly and you were ready to walk out? It is in times like these we need courage to face the challenges of the day.
In the movie ‘Courageous’ there is a powerful scene where a man is brought into his boss’s office to be considered for a promotion. Although the man does not know it at first, the boss is going to test him to see if he will do what is right, even if it means not getting the promotion or possibly losing his job.
When the boss brings him in the office he asked if he would be willing to lie on the paperwork to show the business would profit. The man, who is a Christian, and in desperate need of the extra money, had a couple of days to consider the offer.
After much prayer, and through God’s strength, the man went into the office and told the boss he could not lie.
To his surprise, the boss explained that all the other employees who interviewed for the job were willing to lie, but he was the only one who stood for what was right.
Because of his willingness to stand for truth, God honored the man and the boss gave him the job.
Maybe your situation has been similar. In our lesson, the Bible teaches us that if God calls you to something, He will give you the courage to meet the challenges you may face.
In Luke 1:26-38, God called Mary to carry in her womb the Son of God. I could only imagine the fear she must have felt – what a tremendous responsibility. However, the angel of the Lord assured Mary that God was with her.
We should note from Mary’s life the important lesson that God does not always remove the challenges we face in life, but as we obey His calling and commands, He promises to walk with us and give us the courage we need to keep going.          

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