Bible Studies for Life lesson for Oct- 26- The Holy Spirit is Essential to a Holy Life
October 13 2008 by Sharon Johnson Pond, Founder of Other Side Jamaica and author

Focal Passage: Rom. 8:5-17, 26-27

Only last night John and I were watching, but due to reading, not concentrating on, a program about wedding jewelry. I happened to focus on several women interviewed who were basically saying that a girl should make her fiancé give her a two or three carat diamond for an engagement ring. The consensus was “the bigger, the better.”

I turned to John and said, “Can you say ‘wood, hay, and stubble’?” (1 Cor. 3:11-15.)
I actually surprised myself in feeling that way, because I have been known to be fond of diamonds — not owning, just looking. I realized that no diamond, nor gem of any type or size, could mean as much to me as what God has called me to do, take teams of women to women in the interior reach of Jamaica, to do Bible studies and health education. I realized that it had to mean that I am becoming more Spirit-minded.

When John and I were in college, he obtained a loan from an organization started by an elderly couple who, throughout their married life, had been helping keep students in school. Instead of buying a diamond engagement ring, they used the money to help a friend stay in school.

Throughout the years, whenever he would mention buying his wife a diamond, she would tell him to put the money in the scholarship fund instead.

I was astounded by this beautiful picture of being Spirit-minded because, as I said, I was fond of diamonds. I understand a little better now. To that Spirit-led wife, no diamond was as important as helping young people get a good Christian education.

To me, if I happen to be drawn to a “sparkly thing,” expensive, but with not much eternal value, I know that I don’t want it if it keeps me from adding to the OtherSide Jamaica* account.

Being Spirit-minded and Spirit-empowered means finding great joy in following the Lord’s leading and call, and finding less and less worth in things that the world may find desirable.

*(OtherSide Jamaica is the name of my organization — taking teams of nurses, health educators, and Bible study teachers to Jamaica to work with women in the interior of the island.)

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