Bible Studies for Life Lesson for October 28: A Prayer of Surrender
October 17 2018 by Tyler Frank, young adult pastor, Biltmore Church, Arden

Focal passage: Matthew 6:10-11a; James 4:6-10, 13-17
As we study the “Model Prayer,” it becomes clear that all of life must be shaped and formed by this pattern.
The first request – to cause God’s name to be honored in our lives – must be the foundation. But how will God’s name be honored in our lives?
Jesus says we must also pray His will be done in all things (v. 10).
When our will and desires are aligned with God, we give Him glory.
A particularly good example of this is in the book of James. In chapter 4, we see many verbs helping to further clarify what it means to bring our wills in alignment to God’s plans.
We are to “submit ourselves to God,” “resist the devil” and “draw near to God” as a way of honoring God and declaring His will to be done (4:6-10).
Jesus then becomes not only our model of prayer, but reemphasizes His Lordship in our lives as we seek His will.
Even in our day-to-day plans, we must bring God’s will into our lives (4:13-17)!
Our constant prayer should be that God’s will be done and that His Kingdom would be realized in our lives – both on this earth and in His heavenly realm.
Like a kid who asks for candy for breakfast, many times we go to God to get our own way. Or, like a teenager who doesn’t submit to his or her parents, we deem them unworthy of trust and take matters into our own hands.
Perhaps we’ve made up our mind and have implemented certain plans for life, scarcely inviting God into the process.
With this model prayer, Jesus invites us back into relationship with Him. His plans are for His glory and our good.
Building upon the foundational prayer of our lives (that God would be honored), we’ve seen that another important aspect of prayer is to align our hearts with the will of God.

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