Bible Studies for Life Lesson for Oct- 17- What-s So Different About Jesus?
September 30 2010 by Catherine Painter, Raleigh speaker, author

Focal Passages: John 6:66-69; 9:17, 24-25, 31-33, 35-38; 20:27-29            

I knocked, expecting my friend Sandra to open the door. Instead, Lucy, the baby sitter, invited me in and explained that Sandra was away for an hour.

I was traveling home from a Billy Graham School of Evangelism, and stopped by for a visit. I wondered, “Is this a divine appointment?”

With Sandra away and the baby asleep, the setting was perfect to share my faith with Lucy, a foreign exchange student. 

Describing  my week’s experiences led to conversation about Christ.

“This is strange,” she said. “I’ve been here a year, and no one has mentioned Jesus to me. This week, Sandra’s neighbor and you have spoken to me about Him. This isn’t coincidental.”

Her observation indicated an openness to receive Christ, but as I shared how she could experience salvation, she said, “I believe there is good in all religions.”

“So do I,” I said.

“May I explain what distinguishes Jesus from all other religious leaders?”

“Yes, please do,” she said.

“To begin with, Jesus is the only religious leader who rose from the dead. Mohammed, Buddha, and Confucius are all in graves.

“Jesus alone died to pay the penalty for the sins of all who believe and accept His death on the cross as payment for their sins.

“Other religions teach salvation by good works, commanding their followers to ‘go and do.’

“Christ calls His followers to ‘come and be.’”

Lucy insisted, “I love His teachings and believe His miracles, but I have trouble believing the resurrection.” I suggested she seek Christian counseling to resolve her doubt. During the following weeks, I mailed materials to her with evidences of the resurrection. When we talked by phone, I would ask, “Have you prayed to receive Christ?” Her answer remained: “I need more time.”           

Writing this commentary, I think of Lucy and how Christ pursued her, knocking on the door of her heart.

Would she open the door to receive Him, or would she “go away?” (Jn. 6:67.)

Months later, she called to say she had invited Christ into her life. 

“How do you know He’s there?” I teased.

“I spent time with Him this morning,” she said. If you know someone who needs to know Christ’s love and forgiveness,  please go to that person.

Because if not you, who?

If not now, when?

Eternity’s clock is ticking.
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