Bible Studies for Life Lesson for Oct- 2- Glory Revealed
September 15 2011 by Wayne Proctor, pastor, Eure Baptist Church, Raleigh

Focus Passages: John 1:14, 18; 2:1-11

“It’s a miracle!” Have you ever said that? The university where I went to college had a motto of belief — it was this: “expect a miracle.”

While there are people who don’t believe in miracles, miracles are a natural part of the Bible’s witness. From creation to resurrection, miracles are woven through the fabric of human experience. Furthermore, miracles were commonplace in Jesus’ ministry. Some, however, might wonder why God and Jesus perform miracles?

Is what we deem supernatural common or natural works for Them? Are they given and revealed so that our faith can incubate and grow? Are they displayed so that we who are mere humans can get a glimpse and taste of God’s glory?

The days our children were born were “miracle” days. Our son is now 26, and our daughter is 24, but as long as they live they will have characteristics of mom and dad. Features such as freckles, hair color, and the shape of their feet were passed down from us and previous generations.

They represent the best and worst of who we are genetically. On our best days, we hear the remark that they have some quality that is “just like us.”

The primary word in this lesson is “glory.” God’s glory is the manifestation of who God is — His majesty, splendor, and power.

Perhaps it could be said that God’s glory is the radiance of who He is. In John 1:14 and 2:11 in particular, this “glory” is equally reserved for Jesus Christ, God’s One and Only Son. Jesus Himself would repeatedly say that when one saw Him, one saw the Father, and that He did the works of the Father. Jesus the Son and God the Father were (and are) equal in nature and actions.

The miracle of the turning of water into wine is regarded as Jesus’ first miracle. Jesus and His disciples were at a wedding feast.

Jesus’ mother, Mary, had some responsibility with the vast wedding plans, and when the wine ran out, the wedding that had been touted as glorious would soon be remembered as a fiasco. Although reluctant to inaugurate His ministry on that day, Jesus nevertheless met their need. He performed the miracle, turning about 150 gallons of ordinary water into the very best wine the wedding party and guests had ever tasted (2:1-11).

Jesus displayed the glory of God, and in so doing, displayed His own glory. As a result, His disciples “believed” (2:11). Glory has the ability to dispel doubt, and to increase our belief in who God is.
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