Bible Studies for Life Lesson for Sept- 25- Go and Tell
September 12 2011 by Catherine Painter, author, speaker from Raleigh

Focal Passage: John 1:29, 35-46, 49-51

Witnessing is not optional. Jesus commanded, “Go, therefore, and make disciples” (Matt. 28:19). So, when someone says, “I’m not gifted in evangelism; I just let my life be my witness,” I insist, “But lives can’t speak; lips speak; and on my best day, my life doesn’t measure up to Christ’s. Yet Jesus left winning the world to you and me.” Christ’s earliest disciples began their ministry by witnessing to their families and close friends. For example, Andrew brought Peter to Christ (John 1:40-41), and Philip reached Nathanael (v. 45-46).

My witnessing notebook includes a page titled, “Family Evangelism.” It’s a graphic of concentric circles. In the center circle is my name. Am I saved? Yes. In the next circle labeled “My Nuclear Family,” are names of my husband, our daughters, their husbands and children. Are they all in Christ? Yes.

The next circle is labeled, “Close relatives.” Are they all saved? I confess that I don’t know. How can I share Christ without offending them? To one relative, I wrote a letter saying, “You and I have enjoyed many wonderful times together, and I want us to share heaven, too; so I’m writing to tell you about the most important thing in my life — my relationship to Christ.”

Then I shared my testimony and invited him to receive Christ, using the booklet, “Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws?” He accepted Christ, and later became a deacon in his church. In the next concentric circle I write names of “Friends and Acquaintances.” To witness to them, I turn something they say into a spiritual conversation. I might say, “That reminds me of a question I heard a minister raise. He asked the person if they were to die tonight, how would they respond to God asking why they should be allowed in heaven.” How would you respond?

Many answer, “I don’t know,” but however they respond, I say, “I’m glad I asked because I have good news.”

Then, I share Christ and invite them to receive Him. Family evangelism worked in the start of Jesus’ ministry, and it works today.

Jesus never commanded the world to come to church; instead, He commanded the church to go to the world. He didn’t ask the world to “come and hear;” He commanded the church to “Go and Tell.” So, let’s go, remembering that successful witnessing is sharing Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God.
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