Bible Studies for Life for Oct- 7- From Failure to Salvation
September 25 2012 by Troy Rust, senior pastor, Somerset Baptist Church, Roxboro

Focal Passages: John 4:7-18, 25-26, 39
Have you ever had a thirst you couldn’t quench? Tea and soft drinks didn’t hit the spot, and neither did water.
Eventually you realized the hunger for other things (popcorn, country ham, etc.) was creating that thirst.
The woman at the well was the epitome of “looking for love in all the wrong places.” Jesus eventually revealed that she had sought fulfillment in the arms of multiple men, yet remained dissatisfied. The woman at the well was seeking to meet a physical need, but water would never fix her predicament.
Jesus told her He could take away her true thirst forever.
The more someone fails to find satisfaction in worldly pursuits, the more he should welcome the message of completeness in Christ.
When I was studying music in college, I arrived for my voice lesson one day to find my teacher eager to discuss spiritual matters.
He was rumored to be a homosexual and had been offended as a young man by hypocritical demonstrations of Christianity.
We took the entire hour to talk about Christianity, and I shared the gospel in detail.
The next week I arrived for my voice lesson and the teacher joyfully announced the solution to his plight: “I’m going to become Catholic!” He had little interest in the doctrinal distinctives of Catholicism.
Sadly, he chose to embrace religious formality instead of a relationship with Christ.

Similarly, the woman at the well was excited about a perpetual source of water but still struggled to see her real need.
We can imagine that the woman at the well spent many hours of her life talking about the newest love of her life. By the grace of God, wasted words and wasted passion were replaced by the wonderful proclamation of the gospel. Where we once focused our time and energy on sin, we can now use our voices and opportunities to share the good news of Jesus and His life-transforming power. Adrian Rogers once said, “I read other books but the Bible reads me.”
No doubt the woman at the well would have said the same thing about Jesus.
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