Bible Studies for Life Lesson for October 13: Even Christians Collide
September 26 2013 by Troy Rust, writer, Hurdle Mills

Focal Passage: Luke 10:38-42
Several years ago a Christian author tackled the subject of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Our culture seems to raise the bar continually on busyness. The masses want to do more and be more as they spend their lives on activities and aspirations which mean nothing in light of eternity. When we narrow our focus to observe Christians we find a disheartening amount of carryover from the world. Are we spending our time on Christian activities without spending time with Christ? 
Mary and Martha set very different priorities when Jesus came. Martha was busy with various preparations to serve. While her work seems praiseworthy, Luke described her as “distracted.” She was so focused on the urgency of cultural norms that she missed what mattered most. Mary, although considered a slacker by her sister, set aside her usual duties to spend time with the Master. Jesus told Martha that she was “worried and bothered about so many things.” Furthermore, he told her that Mary had chosen that which was necessary, good, and would not be taken away. How many people in the average church love serving more than worship? If they serve in a seasonal ministry do they attend worship in the offseason? Every church needs workers to do jobs that aren’t very spiritual (cleaning, landscaping, counting money, etc.), but are those the only things they do? Work without worship could be performed by any lost person. As Christians we are called to do our work “as for the Lord rather than for men” (Colossians 3:23). We must not merely produce results; we must worship God in all we do.
What are your spiritual priorities? On Sunday do you seek a Christian concert or true corporate worship? Do you long for motivational speaking or biblical preaching? Is your small group built on mere social interaction or making disciples of Christ? Ultimately, are our Christian activities based on our expectations or God’s priorities? Let’s make intimacy with Jesus priority one! 
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