Explore the Bible Lesson for September 29: The Power to Give Life
September 12 2013 by Sherra Still, writer, University Hills Baptist Church, Charlotte

Focal Passages: John 4:1-15, 25-26
If you had the power to give someone any gift you could give them, what would you choose? It is amazing to understand we have the opportunity to be a part of giving someone the gift of life, the abundant life, in Jesus Christ! Our scripture passage encourages us to be intentional about witnessing so that others may receive this gift!
Jesus had the power to communicate the message of salvation, and He had the power of choice. He chose to leave Judea, then, He made a second choice by choosing to travel through Samaria. Most Jews would have chosen to NOT travel through Samaria. Instead, Jesus chose to be intentional to go where the gospel needed to be shared. Like Jesus, we need to do the same! As missionaries decide where God is calling them to serve on the mission field, they may choose a country, for that very reason. They are being intentional to go where there are the most lost people in the world. In our community, we can have an intentional witness in our places of employment, schools, shopping and recreation. We can pray daily for those opportunities. 
As Jesus completed His journey, we understand He was tired. How often do we get somewhere, we are worn out and the last thing we want to do is to make meaningful conversation? Yet, Jesus was willing to do just that. Jesus chose to go outside the normal comfort zone to engage a woman who needed to hear the gospel. Are you? Jesus used a basic need of thirst to explore what the Samaritan woman knew about the gospel. She had partial knowledge, but needed the truth clarified so she could respond to the gospel. If a person responds to an invitation to your church, it does not clarify their understanding of Jesus and the gospel. Being intentional about sharing the gospel is so much more than just an invitation to church. It takes getting to know someone and being intentional to create those types of places for conversations – conversations which are intentional and full of truth!
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