Bible Studies for Life Lesson for Sept. 27: God’s Promise of Answered Prayer
September 10 2015 by Bartley Wooten, pastor, Beulaville Baptist Church

Focal passage: Luke 11:5-13
According to David Dykes, “One of the largest organizations in America is the Quitters Club. The reason you’ve never heard of the Quitters Club is because they never meet; the members quit coming. There are no dues; the members quit paying them.

The Quitters Club is comprised of people who faced a tough job, a tough marriage, a tough sickness or a tough failure – and they quit. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But when the going gets tough, the quitters get going ... away. What we need in America and in the church are people who will exhibit good, old-fashioned “stick-to-it-ness.” That’s probably not even a word, but it needs to be!”
I can appreciate Dykes’ humorous words because they are extremely applicable to our lessons. For example, have you ever felt like giving up in your prayer life?
How many times were you ready to quit praying because you thought God was not going to answer you. I have shared before in earlier commentaries that I have two sons with special needs. I often wonder what the future will hold for them. However, it is passages like Luke 11:5-10 that keep me motivated to seek God on their behalf.
The Bible is clear – if we persevere in prayer and remain persistent in asking God, He will answer our prayers according to His great wisdom. So, every night I pray at least two things for my sons. First, I pray God will save them. Because of their learning disabilities it has taken them longer to grasp the gospel, but as I seek God in prayer I know He will do a great work in their hearts.
Second, I pray God will glorify Himself through my sons’ lives. For me, this is an exciting prayer. Only God knows what the future holds for my sons. However, God has told me in His word (Luke 11:11-13) that He gives good gifts to those who seek Him. So, don’t be like those in the “Quitters Club.” Stay strong and keep on praying. God always keeps His promises. 

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