Group & Bulk Subscriptions
Annual Group Plans for churches:

Bulk Plan: $11.50
annually per subscription  —  A minimum of 10 newspapers mailed to the church in bulk for distribution on Sunday or any convenient time. We bill the church for the quantity requested. (This is a very affordable deal and an easy way to keep your church informed!) Please see the "Bulk Bonus" below!

Family Plan: $12.50 annually per subscription  A minimum of 25 subscriptions or 10 % of the church members (whichever is best for your church) must subscribe to get this low rate. Papers will be mailed to each individual's address, but the church is billed for each subscription. The church may pay for each subscription out of the church budget or the church may collect the annual amount from each subscriber.

Club Plan: $13.50 annually per subscription  Four (4) or more people must subscribe to get this rate. Papers will be mailed to individual addresses, but the church is billed for each subscription. The church may pay for each subscription out of the church budget or the church may collect the annual amount from each subscriber.

For more information on these plans, please call 919-459-5693 or e-mail Liz Tablazon, our Circulation Manager. She will be happy to assist you.

FREE Digital edition: With the purchase of each individual subscription in the Family Plan or the Club Plan, the subscriber is eligible to receive the digital edition, also. Ask our circulation manager to help you set up your access code for the digital edition. Click here to view a recent copy of the digital edition. 

Bulk Bonus: When a church orders copies of the Recorder through the bulk plan, we will give the church one free annual subscription to the digital online Recorder ($5.99 value) for every 5 bulk copies ordered. The church can use the digital access for the pastor or a selected church leader. If you are interested in taking advantage of this bonus, please contact our circulation manager, Liz Tablazon, at 919-459-5693 or click here to email her.