General Information

The Biblical Recorder, news journal of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, is a 12 to 28 page tabloid size newspaper published biweekly. With an average circulation of 16,000, the printed version of the Biblical Recorder is mailed to homes, churches and offices in 48 states and many foreign countries. More than 1.3 million people are members of 4,400 North Carolina Baptist churches and missions.

The Biblical Recorder provides a target audience for those wanting to introduce their products and/or services to North Carolina Baptists. All advertising is subject to approval by the editor.

Call Alison McKinney at (919) 459-5691 or e-mail to schedule your ad or for more information.



Classified Ads   


The classified section of the printed Biblical Recorder features available ministry positions and items for sale. Classified advertising is sold by the word. The rate for North Carolina Baptist churches and organizations is $1.25 per word. The rate for non-Baptist entities is $1.45 per word. There is a $35 minimum.  Price is for one run in one issue unless additional issues are requested. Stand-alone initials count as a word. For example, “S.B.C.” would count as three words while SBC would count as one.  Classified ads will be posted at no additional charge on the Biblical Recorder's website,, where they will run for the same length of time as the printed ads.

Classified ads – Web site only

$35 Up to 50 words per month
$70 51-100 words per month
$105 101-150 words per month




Web Ads   



The online version of the Biblical Recorder has thousands of daily visitors and continues to grow in content and readership. We offer three sizes of spots for advertising your message on our web site:

  • Above Header Ad which runs horizontally across the top of the page, measure 728 W X 90 H pixels. The monthly cost is $350
  • Right Side Ad is located on the right-hand column of our site, measure 300 W x 250 H pixels. The monthly cost is $250.
  • Content Ad is positioned within the content of the web site, measure 610 W x 90 H pixels. The monthly cost is $150.
  • Click here for more details on web ads and a model graphic of a web page.



Print Ads

Print display ads should be submitted in digital format (PDF, JFG, EPS, or TIFF). Ads must be the correct size or will be subject to return for proper sizing. Ads can be designed by the Biblical Recorder for an extra charge. For technical questions, send an e-mail to

Page Format and Column Widths
The Biblical Recorder format is a four-column page. Each column is 2.4688 inches wide. Ads may be purchased by the column inch or also by the eighth, quarter, half and full page.

1 column 2.4688
2 columns 5.1042
3 columns 7.7396
4 columns 10.375

Advertising Rates (all ads listed width by height)


(inches, W x H)

Baptist Churches/ Organizations

Non-Baptist Entity

Color Ad -Charge

Column Inch

2.47” W x 1” H




Eighth Page

5.1” W x 3.” H




Quarter Page

5.1” W x 6.25” H




Half Page - Horizontal

10.4” W x 6.25” H




Half Page - Vertical

5.1”W x 12.7”H




Full Page

10.4” W x 12.7” H




Two Pages

21.7” W x 12.7” H




Frequency Discounts

3-6 papers


7-12 papers


13-20 papers


21-26 papers




2019 Publication Schedule
Issue # 

Issue Date

Ad Due date


Jan 12

Dec 20


Jan 26

Jan 8


Feb 9

Jan 22


Feb 23

Feb 5


Mar 9

Feb 19


Mar 23

Mar 5


Apr 6

Mar 19


Apr 20

Apr 2


May 4

Apr 16


May 18

Apr 30


Jun 1

May 14


Jun 15

May 28


Jun 29

Jun 11


Jul 13

Jun 25


Jul 27

Jul 9


Aug 10

Jul 23


Aug 24

Aug 6


Sep 7

Aug 20


Sep 21

Sep 3


Oct 5

Sep 17


Oct 19

Oct 1


Nov 2

Oct 15

Special Convention Issue

Nov 4-5

Oct 1


Nov 16

Oct 29


Nov 30

Nov 12


Dec 14

Nov 26

** Bold issue number and ** indicates an NC Connect edition

Additional Information

Submission Deadlines
See publication schedule

Cancellation of a scheduled ad or a change to a scheduled run date must be received before the ad deadline. See publication schedule. 

The Biblical Recorder is liable for error of our composition only to the extent of credit or correct rerun of the ad or affected portion. We are not liable for error of advertiser’s composition.

Billing & Commissions
All rates are net, advertising agencies must add commission to quoted rates. All Commercial / Non-Baptist advertisers must pay in advance until an account has been established.

Contact Us
Your advertising representative is Alison McKinney. Call 919-459-5691, or e-mail  for assistance.