Ole Miss coach resigns amid scandal, requests prayer

July 25 2017 by David Roach, Baptist Press

The forced resignation of Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze – an outspoken follower of Jesus – amid what the university described as “moral turpitude” has left believers disappointed and expressing hope for repentance. “I truly believe that [Freeze] is a good man,” said Mississippi pastor Clarence Cooper, a friend of Freeze’s for two decades.

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Survey of young leaders shows CP in positive light

July 25 2017 by Roger S. Oldham, SBC Life

Many younger pastors have a positive view both of the name “Cooperative Program” (CP) and the ministries funded through CP, according to the 2017 Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee Young Leaders Advisory Council Survey. The 22-member council is chaired by Jordan Easley, senior pastor of Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, Tenn.

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Survey: Good deeds by Christians often go unseen

July 24 2017 by Bob Smietana, Facts & Trends

Many Americans are unaware of various efforts by local Christians or churches to serve their neighbors, according to a new study from Nashville-based LifeWay Research. LifeWay Research looked at 13 service programs conducted by churches and asked Americans if they’d heard of churches or church members being involved in those activities in the past six months. ...

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Teen Internet addiction cited as growing concern

July 24 2017 by Daniel Woodman, Baptist Press

Gateway Seminary professor Paul Kelly had a friend who once became so addicted to online gaming that he would ignore his family and friends so he could play more games on the Internet. His desire became so severe that he began failing classes and stole from his family to support his habit.

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Florida fortifies religious freedom in public schools

July 21 2017 by Leigh Jones, WORLD News Service

Florida public school students will have added protection for expressing their faith on campus during the upcoming school year, thanks to a new law that went into effect July 1. Supporters say the bill just reiterates existing constitutional protections for religious liberty by listing specific practices with which educators cannot interfere.

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Oklahoma AG: Defense of university chapel a top priority

July 21 2017 by Bonnie Pritchett, WORLD News Service

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter has stepped into a dispute over the display of Christian emblems on a public university campus, declaring the issue a top religious liberty priority. In a letter to East Central University’s (ECU) Board of Regents, Hunter said the fight could have repercussions beyond the ECU campus.

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Black church conference: nurture, fellowship & praise

July 20 2017 by Diana Chandler, Baptist Press

Southern Baptist African-American pastor Ryan Rice, founder and leader of Life Church in New Orleans, is experiencing the first Black Church Leadership and Family Conference. “To see other pastors who look like me ... and have flourished in their families and their ministries – that’s been a huge blessing and an encouragement,” Rice said.

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Pastor compensation studied by financial planner

July 20 2017 by Michael Foust, Southern Baptist TEXAN

It happens often in Southern Baptist life: A church offers a prospective pastor a salary it thinks is reasonable, and the pastor – not wanting to appear greedy – begrudgingly accepts. But down the road, when tax season arrives or when retirement approaches, the pastor realizes he should have spoken up.

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Disciple-making addressed by Ezell, Platt, Geiger

July 19 2017 by Michael Smith, NAMB

Disciple-making in Southern Baptist churches was assessed by entity leaders Kevin Ezell, David Platt and Eric Geiger during a forum at the 2017 SBC annual meeting. Ezell, Platt and Geiger agreed that one problem is a lack of understanding among Southern Baptists about what disciple-making truly is – that evangelism and discipleship go hand in hand.

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Fight against trafficking gains broad House support

July 18 2017 by Tom Strode, Baptist Press

A deeply divided U.S. House of Representatives has found at least one issue it can agree on across the board – combating human trafficking. The House has approved more than a dozen anti-trafficking bills in recent weeks, with only three votes total against the proposals.

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