Hulls Grove Bapt. offers skateboarding ministry
    April 11 2013 by BR staff

    Would Annie Armstrong use a skateboard to share the gospel if she was alive today? Marcus Redding, pastor of Hulls Grove Baptist Church in Vale, N.C., said he believes she would.
    Redding recently shared about how the church uses their skateboard ministry to share the gospel with young people who normally would not come to church.

    For those who may not consider skateboarding to be a legitimate outreach tool, don’t tell Redding.
    “My heavens, I don’t care what it takes,” Redding said. “If I have to catch them on a skateboard or take them on a ... hunting trip, it really doesn’t matter to me [as long as] we get to tell them about Jesus.”
    Each week Hulls Grove’s The Way Skate ministry attracts about 25-30 skaters on Tuesdays and Thursdays to a rented facility to ride their boards. During that time they work on their skateboarding skills and hear the gospel, said Bobby Farmer, site pastor for the ministry.
    “Last night I had a conversation with [a skateboarder],” said Farmer, who described the young man as once being “a total atheist.”
    “He’s really on the verge of giving his life to the Lord. ... God’s showing him that he needs a relationship with Him.”
    Farmer mentioned another skateboarder, Cody, who turned his life over to Christ and is now leading groups each week.
    “He was one of those [who] had been on the fringe  ... kind of turned away from God ... Got into drugs and alcohol. We kept inviting him. He kept coming to the skate ministry.
    “About a year and a half ago .. he gave his life to the Lord. I pretty well turn the study and testimony time over to him,” Farmer added. “Part of our goal is ... to train these kids up to be the leaders.”
    For more information about this ministry and how your church can become involved, contact Hulls Grove Baptist at (704) 276-1181 or go to
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Dr Shirley Lynn
Why don't you try bringing the Word of God walking and talking? Unless they understand they will not listen. Riding a skateboard will not do it. Get serious about the Word of God!
4/25/2013 10:57:00 PM

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