Doctor orders Johnny Hunt to rest
    August 9 2010 by Norman Jameson, BR Editor

    Under doctor’s orders Johnny Hunt, immediate past president of the Southern Baptist Convention, is taking an extended break from all responsibilities, according to an announcement made at First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Ga. Aug. 8, where he is pastor.

    Church members were expecting his return Sunday from his annual July sabbatical, but Jim Law, senior associate pastor and administrator, said that “At the advice at several of us they sought the counsel of a professional who recommended an extended break from their routine.”

    Law said Johnny and his wife, Janet, were both “physically and emotionally depleted” from caring for the large congregation and leading the Southern Baptist Convention the past two years.

    “I know of no one else on the planet who has given himself away to others more than pastor Johnny,” said Law.

    “Many people face physical and emotional weariness. This is especially in leaders’ lives and their families,” said Law, who then drew comparisons between the Hunts’ experience and the prophet Elijah.

    He said Elijah’s life shows that “exhaustion often follows mountain top experiences” and it “often follows intense periods of stress and strain, which they’ve been under.”

    He said the staff stands “in total support of the counsel they’ve received” and he urged all staff and church members not to attempt to communicate with the Hunts “in any way at this time.”

    Although the Hunts’ condition will “continue to be monitored” Law said Hunt is expected to return to the pulpit Sept. 19, which would conclude a 10-week absence.    
    8/9/2010 10:46:00 AM by Norman Jameson, BR Editor | with 1 comments

Gene Scarborough
Johnny, like too many of us, is getting to the age where burning the candle at both ends and in the middle will give you a total meltdown!

I suffered my stroke at age 50 while pastoring a church with great troubles / trying to sell insurance to ministers as the company and economy changed / dealing with the mind telling you [i]"there is no tomorrow"[/i] as the body is saying, [i]"I'm tired and need a rest!"[/i]

At that point I had to confront my humanity and that famous saying: [b]"Only the young are immortal!"[/b]

I hope Johnny does as well. [b]Even the "divinely called Pastor" is still---human!!!!![/b]
8/9/2010 7:43:59 PM

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