IMB, NAMB seek prayer for leader searches
    August 16 2010 by Baptist Press

    RICHMOND, Va. — As the Southern Baptist Convention’s two mission boards continue their respective searches for presidents, they are asking Southern Baptists to set aside Saturday, Aug. 28, as a day of prayer and fasting to ask God to direct the entities’ paths.

    Officials with the International Mission Board (IMB) and North American Mission Board (NAMB) said they are making progress in their searches for the two men who will oversee their organizations. Each has interim presidents in place — Clyde Meador for IMB and Richard Harris for NAMB.

    Spokesmen for the organizations declined to pinpoint any timetable for their presidential selections but noted they are entering important phases in the process.

    “This is a critical moment for these two organizations,” said IMB presidential search committee chairman Jimmy Pritchard.

    “It is a critical time for our convention as we find God’s man for IMB and (the right man for) NAMB.”

    Pritchard said there’s nothing special about Aug. 28 other than it is “always a good time to ask God to speak clearly about who is His choice.

    “The search has gone well, and we’re making some good progress … we’ve met with a number of quality men,” added Pritchard, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Forney, Texas, who oversees IMB’s 15-member search committee. “Of course our timetable would have been to already have made that selection, but we’d rather be correct than quick.”

    Mike Ebert, communications team leader for NAMB, added that its search committee is “getting close” and hopes to have a decision in the near future.

    IMB trustees will meet Sept. 14-15 in Tampa, Fla., while NAMB’s next full board meeting will be Oct. 19-20 in Los Angeles.

    “We are excited about joining with our IMB brothers and sisters for a much needed and timely prayer emphasis,” Ebert said. “There’s no better way to demonstrate cooperation and partnership with IMB than to join our hearts in prayer in this way.”
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Gene Scarborough
These 2 Agencies are the most important ministry which brought Baptists together in the beginning: [b]MISSIONS![/b]

Frank Page came from the pastorate of large churches to lead the Executive Committee. The problem for him is a large contingent of the electing committee treating him poorly because they had others in mind. This only continues the battles of the past into the now.

As I have looked at failures in [b]IMB/NAMB[/b] leadership over the past years, it seems they both had a strong-armed leadership style of Mega Church Pastors who consider themselves the "King of the Church."

[b]My only advice would be to seek Servant People for leadership and do it with a unity which might save the Agency and Convention.[/b] If we keep up activities of the past, we are doomed to failure in growth. No one wants to join up with a mess! Baptist always respond better to leadership by example than to highly paid / deeply expense accounted / little kings flying around "first class" or in a private Corporate jet.

We were birthed by a Saviour who was willing to wash fussing and fighting disciples' feet. We are the fussing followers right now. People are watching. Innocent physical and spiritual children are being hurt by this.

[b]What did Jesus say should be the punishment of anyone "hurting a child of mine?"[/b]
8/17/2010 8:00:52 AM

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