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    December 4 2013 by Melissa Lilley, BSC Communications

    Two years ago Carroll and Cheryl Voliva’s home was destroyed when Hurricane Irene ripped through their town of Bayboro just east of New Bern.

    “We didn’t know what we would do or how we would rebuild,” Cheryl said.

    But not long after, N.C. Baptist Men (NCBM) volunteers came to Bayboro and built the Volivas a new home.

    “We had no idea what God would provide for us through them,” Cheryl said. “He has provided many hearts filled with love and generosity.”

    Richard Brunson, NCBM executive director-treasurer, shared the Voliva’s story with messengers during his report to the 2013 annual meeting of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

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    Richard Brunson

    They are just one example of the thousands of families and individuals who have received help from NCBM volunteers during times of disaster.
    This year, volunteers continued helping with disaster relief needs in Pamlico County related to Hurricane Irene. Since 2011, 122 homes have been rebuilt and 8,490 volunteer days recorded.
    “We must live in a way that people will see Jesus,” Brunson said.
    “When will you share the Good News? Will you share the Good News during times of disaster and in the midst of needs?”
    Disaster relief is just one of the ministry opportunities provided through NCBM.
    Brunson also shared about the medical/dental buses, which have served more than 3,700 people this year.
    “There are many people who have never met a dentist,” Brunson said. “But they come and meet a person who also cares about their spiritual needs.”
    Through the aviation ministry, 168 flights were made possible this year. The aviation ministry provides transportation for people in emergency situations, such as medical or a natural disaster.
    Brunson told the story of a recipient of the aviation ministry named Richard, who spent 15 years living as a recluse because his face was so severely damaged during a gun accident.
    Brunson said that with help from the aviation ministry, Richard was able to travel for medical appointments to prepare him for a 36-hour surgery that would save his face and give him a new lease on life.
    Thanks to the volunteer pilots who love Jesus Christ, “Richard also heard about the life-changing message of the gospel,” Brunson said.  
    This year was a record year for Deep Impact mission weeks, which are weeklong mission camps for middle and high school students.
    This year 1,606 students and adult leaders served in mission projects in 13 locations such as Cuba, Honduras, New York and Charlotte, as well as in the communities surrounding Red Springs and Shelby, where NCBM sponsors mission camps.
    The Shelby and Red Springs mission camps house hundreds of North Carolina Baptist volunteers who come to serve in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Brunson also reported on NCBM involvement in national and international ministry efforts.
    Nationally, volunteers continued to serve in Vermont, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, the Appalachian coalfields and the Rocky Mountain region.
    Internationally, volunteers are sharing the love of Christ in countries such as Haiti, Kenya, India, Honduras, Armenia, Guatemala and South Africa.
    “Our purpose is to help men, women, children and youth see that God wants to use them to be missionaries for Him,” Brunson said.
    “God is still working and still healing. He’s rebuilding broken lives and relationships. Thank you for praying, giving and going.”
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