Secret Church announces upcoming event at Hickory Grove
    December 17 2015 by Emily Blake, BR editorial aide

    Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C., plans to host the next Secret Church gathering on April 29, 2016, at 6:30 p.m.
    Secret Church was brought to life by International Mission Board President David Platt after he witnessed the passion for biblical learning by underground churches in countries where Christianity is persecuted. In previous years Secret Church, now hosted by the resource ministry of David Platt called Radical, has reached an audience of more than 60,000 in the United States and many international countries.
    It represents a version of the “house churches” that exist in countries where can Christians have limited biblical resources or opportunities to gather and learn. The participants meet for an intense time of Bible study, lasting more than six hours, including a time of prayer for Christian brothers and sisters across the globe who are facing persecution and for those who still have not heard the gospel. Platt describes it as a “drink from the fire hydrant of God’s Word … digest later.”
    Clint Pressley, senior pastor of Hickory Grove, said, “Secret Church has become a bellwether for us of robust theology fueling missional intent. Our people look forward to it every year. To have David lead Secret Church at Hickory Grove is a real gift.”
    This year the event will address the multiplicity of religions that exist in the world, all claiming to hold the truth (or at least some truth) about who people are, how people got here, what people are doing and where they are going. Billions of people believe in Christianity, while others embrace Islam. Some are Hindu and others are Buddhist. Still others are atheist, or at the very least agnostic.
    These questions will be addressed in response to the many diverse religious climates around the world:

    • How are we to think, and what are we to do in this massive marketplace of religious ideas?

    • Is there one right way to believe or are there many right ways to believe?

    • Is there one right way to live or are there many right ways to live?

    • Specifically, how does the gospel of Christ compare and contrast with other world religions?

    • And if we believe this gospel, then how should we share it specifically with people of other faiths?

    • For that matter, why would we share it specifically with people of other faiths?

    Secret Church will explore the claims of Christ in the gospel and consider how these claims inform the way we understand religions and cults in the world and impact the way Christians live when surrounded by varied believers with diverse belief systems.
    Tickets for the live gathering of Secret Church at Hickory Grove (main campus) will be available at 10 a.m., Jan. 11, on the Secret Church website. Registration is open for localized simulcast events.

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