Akin invites graduates to be thankful for gift of Christ
    January 6 2012 by Michael McEwen, SEBTS Communications

    WAKE FOREST – On Dec. 16, 132 students graduated from Southeastern – 25 graduates from the College at Southeastern, 82 students in the seminary, 11 from the master of theology program, and 14 in the program of doctoral studies.
    Speaking before the graduates and their families, Daniel Akin, president, communicated that God has given the greatest gift and that gift is his Son. “Paul has given us a wonderful verse in this passage, reminding us that our God is the greatest gift-giver of all,” said Akin in reference to 2 Corinthians 9:15.
    Addressing the chapel attendees, Akin said, “I pray this morning that this verse would be life-changing for everyone here.”
    Connecting Paul’s letter to the season of giving, Akin said, “We as Christians give because God first gave. The principle is simple. God did not give just any gift, but Christ himself.”
    “In our giving, we give thanks to God, and not just any god; not the god of Pantheism, the god of Deism, or the gods of Polytheism. There is only one God,” said Akin, “and that is the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the God who so loved the world that gave his only begotten Son. This is the loving God, the giving God, the holy God, the forgiving God, the merciful God, and the sovereign God. This Father is a good and great Father.”
    Akin believes Paul’s word ‘indescribable’ likely references God’s salvation, his mercy and Christ himself. He challenged the graduates to never forget the gift of Christ, and to be a people who are always offering the salvific gift wherever God leads them. “This is a gift you get to keep as well as give it away,” Akin said. “In fact, the more you give it away, the more precious it becomes.”

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