Crisis pregnancy care helps mothers choose life for babies
    January 3 2012 by Baptist Press

    FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) – A tiny hand seemed to wave at everyone in the room on a small TV screen inside a watermelon-slice-shaped window. Then a face of the same black-and-white image became visible.
    A heartbeat, meanwhile, thudded rhythmically on a bedside monitor, signaling a life that had begun six weeks earlier.

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    Well over 1 million pregnancies end in abortion each year in the United States. With the help of Diane Montgomery and her colleagues at the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center, some lives – that would have been aborted – will have a chance to grow up and make their own choices.
    “[These mothers] don’t know what to do,” Montgomery said. “They need someone to listen to them. They need someone to care about them because everyone else is just saying, ‘Do what you’ve got to do for your own self. It’s your body.’ And nobody is really listening to the emotional troubles they are having. Because we care for them and listen to them, it opens a door for not only the potential of lives to be chosen, but for her life to be changed, for the Lord to influence her life and spiritually to be changed as well.”
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