Film calls people to pray
    July 10 2015 by Dianna L. Cagle, BR Production Editor

    Alex and Stephen Kendrick believe God is calling His people to pray.
    Described as a “family drama with humor and heart focused on the power of prayer and its primary role in the Christian life,” “War Room” represents that belief as well.
    “We see God pointing to prayer of repentance and revival over and over,” said Alex Kendrick, actor and producer for War Room, the fifth film by the Kendrick brothers and the first filmed outside Albany, Ga., where they serve on staff at Sherwood Baptist Church.
    This movie was filmed in North Carolina. The crew received help from more than 80 churches in and around Charlotte, including Pitts Baptist Church in Concord.


    Kendrick pointed to biblical references of people being called to unite and pray – Esther, Book of Acts. Just as Ronnie Floyd, Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) president, has been calling the church back to extraordinary prayer, “we are calling the church back, [to] go beyond sprinkling of prayer,” Kendrick said.
    Starring Priscilla Shirer in her debut film, T.C. Stallings “Courageous”), Alex Kendrick (“Mom’s Night Out,” Courageous) and Karen Abercrombie (“My Name is Paul,” “Mountain Top”) as Miss Clara. Comedian Michael Jr. appears as best friend to T.C. Stallings’ character. Beth Moore, known for leading women in Bible study, makes a cameo as best friend to Shirer’s character.
    “It is very important to us that we put people on the screen representing the gospel that believe it in real life,” said Stephen Kendrick, after a screening of the movie June 15 at the SBC annual meeting.
    Tony (Stallings) and Elizabeth (Shirer) Jordan have jobs as a pharmaceutical salesman and real estate agent. They have a wonderful daughter Danielle, played by Alena Pitts, and a dream house. But their marriage is struggling, their relationship with their daughter is weak and their devotion to God is lukewarm. When Miss Clara decides to sell her house, Elizabeth Jordan meets her newest client. Miss Clara challenges Elizabeth’s idea of fighting against Tony and instead encourages her to enter into spiritual battle for her own personal relationship with God as well as her husband, daughter and life.
    Miss Clara’s enthusiasm for fighting the right way inspires Elizabeth to create a war room in her home and a battle plan of prayer.
    Stephen said was raised by God-fearing parents and could recall where he “saw powerfully answered prayer in their parents’ lives. When starting a Christian school, his dad needed certain amounts of money and people would donate that specific amount. When his mother was 6 years old, his grandmother cried out to God for protection. A tornado “hit everything around the house but their home and their family was completely left untouched,” he said.
    “Even now, our 73-year-old mom gets up early in the morning, and she prays for us and her 19 grandchildren.”
    Alex Kendrick shared that each of their movies – “Flywheel,” “Facing the Giants,” “Fireproof,” “Courageous” and now War Room – have been covered in prayer.
    “We want it to matter,” he said. 

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