BCH launches multi-million dollar capital campaign
    June 17 2014 by BCH Communications

    Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) is taking steps to make sure North Carolina children and families can depend on the 128-year-old statewide organization well into the future. BCH publicly launched a multi-million dollar capital campaign during a kick-off event held June 10 at its oldest campus, Mills Home in Thomasville.
    Dubbed “Sharing Hope … Changing Lives,” the initiative is BCH’s first capital campaign since 1997. The funds will provide much-needed support for the nonprofit’s locations in 19 North Carolina communities including Broyhill Home in Clyde.
    “We intentionally named the campaign after our organizational vision statement,” said BCH president Michael C. Blackwell. The campaign is the third in his 31-year tenure. “In only four words, this statement shares the powerful heartbeat of the campaign as well as the ministry of Baptist Children’s Homes itself.”
    Baptist Children’s Homes is the largest child care organization in the southeast. The nonprofit provides residential homes to North Carolina children who come from a variety of challenging circumstances ranging from family dysfunction to abuse, neglect and abandonment. BCH also offers services for adults with developmental disabilities, senior adults and single mothers.


    The financial goal for “Sharing Hope…Changing Lives,” which ends in January 2016, is $21.3 million. The funding will allow BCH to meet a variety of immediate needs while strengthening its foundation for the future.
    “Longevity is an integral part of the BCH legacy – a legacy that began in 1885 when Mills Home first opened its doors,” Blackwell said. “It’s the highest honor, and greatest responsibility, to ensure that the ministry will continue to be a haven of hope for children and families who turn to us now – and in generations to come.”
    Blackwell’s campaign leadership team includes BCH’s executive vice president, development and communications, Brenda Gray and Cargill Associates senior vice president Paul Blevins. Blevins was a part of BCH’s two previous capital campaigns. BCH trustee Jerry Jordan and his wife Evon from Oakboro are campaign co-chairs. Paul Broyhill, Chairman of the Broyhill Family Foundation in Lenoir, serves as honorary chair. The family founded Broyhill Furniture and provided the funding to establish BCH’s Broyhill Home in Clyde.
    “The Broyhill Family Foundation gives to many wonderful causes, but BCH is a favorite and primary interest,” Broyhill said. “There are children in situations so difficult they are almost impossible for us to realize.”
    The campaign is focused on raising funds in three specific areas: renovations at BCH’s statewide locations, ongoing operational support and building the organization’s endowment. According to Gray, the campaign is vital to the nonprofit’s future and the services it offers.
    “Without this campaign, children will go unserved,” Gray said. “We must sustain this ministry for the children of today and of tomorrow.”
    The silent phase of “Sharing Hope…Changing Lives” started in June 2013 with the approval of BCH’s Board of Trustees. Nine divisions comprise the campaign. The state is sectioned into six geographical divisions. The final three include BCH alumni, staff members and trustees.
    The staff and trustee campaigns were launched at the start of the silent phase. Other gifts were also solicited privately from corporations, foundations and other statewide supporters in preparation for the public launch.
    “I’m excited to report that 100 percent of BCH’s trustees have given to the campaign, and they have exceeded their $4 million goal,” Gray said. “Also, BCH staff members have more than doubled their $100,000 goal by giving $212,000.”
    Co-chair Jerry Jordan said the goal was to raise 60 percent of the total funds prior to the public phase. “We have raised 62 percent of our goal for a total of $13,288,333.00,” Jordan shared. “We can’t believe we’re at this point. We are so blessed. We’re off to a good start.”
    Blackwell is energized by the initial swell of support, but recognizes that the hardest work lies ahead.
    “The remainder of the campaign will take effort and participation from all our statewide supporters,” Blackwell said. “Not only are we charged with caring for the daily needs of our residents, but we have to maintain the homes we provide for them. As with any home, roofs need replacing and heating and air units must be repaired.
    “We must be able to provide for our children, and by the grace of God we will.”

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