Baptist Men announce disaster relief training
    March 27 2009 by BSC Communications

    North Carolina Baptist Men (NCBM) announce a series of disaster training opportunities throughout North Carolina.

    • April 3-4 – Region 3 – Sampson County

    • May 1-2 – Region 5 – Guilford County

    • May 29-30 – Region 7 – Caldwell County

    • June 12-13 – Region 9 – Henderson County

    Exact locations will be announced within one week prior to the event, to lend an air of uncertainty and immediacy similar to disaster response for those who will be participating. 

    In 2008, more than 1,400 people were trained and prepared for service in disaster relief through these weekend seminars. Volunteers receive Basic Training in mass feeding, recovery, emergency childcare, water purification, chaplaincy or shower/laundry set up. Volunteers also learn the history, policies, procedures and technical training for the area they choose. Basic Training is required for the Advanced Training in Administration, Assessment and Chain saw work.

    Once trained, basic certification is valid for three years. Crosstraining will also be offered for volunteers already trained in one Basic course and seeking certification in an additional Basic course.

    NCBM operate three disaster relief feeding units, the largest able to provide more than 30,000 meals a day. Volunteers trained in mass feeding will learn how to work on these units as well as manage the process of food safety and preparation. Regional feeding teams respond to disasters on a rotating basis. Each team includes a captain, cooks, inventory specialist, sanitation personnel and kitchen personnel. During the recovery training volunteers learn skills such as how to cut and install dry wall, how to repair a roof and begin to construct a new roof, and how to safely use a chain saw. NCBM has more than 240 mobile tool trailers used for recovery. Each trailer is outfitted with chain saws and power washers to help clear debris and wash away mud.  

    The Disaster Relief Ministry of NCBM is successful in large part because of volunteers who are well trained and equipped to do the work once on site of a natural disaster.

    “NCBM Disaster Relief training provides Baptist volunteers the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to begin working in disaster response,” said Gaylon Moss, NCBM disaster relief volunteerism coordinator. “The weekend is designed to be as realistic as possible. Volunteers are informed of the exact location at one week prior to the event. When they arrive, they check-in, receive a photo ID and place their bedrolls in approved locations.”

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