April 25 new deadline for nominations
    March 29 2010 by BSC Communications

    The Committee on Nominations of the Baptist State Convention (BSC) has extended its deadline to receive recommendations for the Board of Directors and Convention committees until April 25. The committee did not extend the deadline for recommendations to the boards of Convention institutions and agencies.

    The Convention amended its bylaws in November 2009  to limit an individual’s service to a single committee or board whereas in the past individuals could serve in more than one place at one time. Therefore, it is essential that North Carolina Baptists recommend more individuals to serve on the BSC Board of Directors and Convention committees.

    Vacancies for the BSC Board of Directors are as follows:

    Region 1 (3 vacancies)
    Region 2 (2 vacancies)
    Region 3 (3 vacancies)
    Region 4 (10 vacancies)
    Region 5 (10 vacancies)
    Region 6 (6 vacancies)
    Region 7 (8 vacancies)
    Region 8 (10 vacancies)
    Region 9 (4 vacancies)
    Region 10 (1 vacancy)

    The Committee on Convention Meetings has 10 vacancies to fill. This committee is responsible for planning the annual meeting and any special meetings of the convention.

    The Committee on Convention Meetings is in its first year as a newly organized group. When the Convention amended its bylaws it also reduced the number of Convention committees. The three committees that previously worked on the meetings of the Convention were: Committee on Program, Place, and Preacher; Committee on Local Arrangements; and Committee on Enrollment. These three committees have all been combined into the Committee on Convention Meetings. This new committee configuration will result in reduced expenses and increased communications for the planning of this meeting.

    Three vacancies must be filled for the Committee on Resolutions and Memorials. This committee is also a result of the amended bylaws, as it combines the former Committee on Resolutions and Committee on Memorials into one committee. This committee considers recommendations for both resolutions and memorials and presents these recommendations at the annual meeting. The Historical Committee has four vacancies to fill.

    The Historical Committee encourages churches to record their history, celebrate significant church anniversaries and preserve the history of the BSC.

    Recommendations may be sent to Committee on Nominations, P.O. Box 1107, Cary, NC 27512–1107 or completed online at recommend.ncbaptist.org or faxed to (919) 460-7507. For questions related to the recommendation process, contact Cynthia King at (800) 395-5102, ext. 5501, or cking@ncbaptist.org.  
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