CBF leader lauds predecessor, founder
    May 3 2010 by Norman Jameson, BR Editor

    Daniel Vestal succeeded the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s (CBF) founding coordinator Cecil Sherman, who died April 17, and called Sherman “a modern Baptist prophet.”

    “He’s irreplaceable and irreplicable,” Vestal said. “I’ve never known a more principled person than Cecil. When it came to matters of conscience he was uncompromising. He resisted fundamentalism and legalism with tenacity. He was a prophetic preacher, and a prophetic leader before there was a CBF.”

    Sherman served two years as Baptist State Convention of North Carolina president and was pastor for 20 years of First Baptist Church in Asheville before returning to his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, to lead Broadway Baptist Church as pastor. He left Broadway to become CBF’s first coordinator in 1991.

    “Cecil was a very effective congregational pastor,” Vestal said. “He cared about people.  He mentored students with a pastoral spirit. Maybe one of his most lasting legacies will be his Sunday School lessons, which he did for years with Baptist Sunday School Board, then with Smyth and Helwys.

    “It’s ironic that one of his lasting legacies will be his love of scripture and exposition of scripture. What fundamentalists have said all these years is that we don’t love the Bible.  He spent hours studying and teaching the Bible.”

    Vestal said his wife once told him she can “soar as a Sunday School teacher because of the fundamentals of Cecil’s lessons.”

    “His influence continues to live on and he will continue to have impact,” Vestal said.

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    5/3/2010 9:16:00 AM by Norman Jameson, BR Editor | with 1 comments

Gene Scarborough
It just blows the Conservative Resurgence mind when the above statement is made about a "liberal infadel" like Cecil Sherman.

I have taken note over the last 40 years that when a Conservative (Republican fanatic) starts calling name, it means he has run out of any intelligent argument to support his cause!

Forgive the "broad stroke" in description. I know there are exceptions to the rules but, like my Daddy always said, "A Republican is just a Democrat who made enough money he wants to keep it all!"

God bless my insightful daddy! He was a terrible sufferer as a tanant farmer's son during the Depression. He got to Mercer University after hitch-hiking with 10-cents in his pocket, but he made it through with his faith intact / his mind broadened / and a growing ability to see through the "smoke and mirrors" of politics and religion!!!!!
5/3/2010 11:27:56 PM

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