Franklin Graham plans 50-state Decision America Tour in 2016
    May 6 2015 by BR staff

    Placing prayer on his priority list, Franklin Graham announced April 14 that he would be traveling to all 50 states in 2016 to conduct prayer rallies.


    Franklin Graham

    Called the Decision America Tour, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse said the only hope for the United States is “Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ.”
    Graham made the announcement on his Facebook page. “America is in trouble,” said Graham. “At 62 years of age, I’ve lived long enough to learn that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can turn this country around; no political party or politician is the answer.”
    Graham urged Christians to not only vote in next year’s elections but to run for office at every level of public office.
    “I want to challenge Christians to boldly live out their faith and to pray for our nation and its leaders,” he said.
    Graham said the tour would not be endorsing any political candidates but asked believers to begin praying now for the tour. Visit

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Jan Paulsen
Franklin, I quote the words of your father, whose message led me to accept Christ:
"The national powers that we see hell-bent for destruction--amassing weapons, killing and being killed--are not the ultimate power. Nor are the individual figures who rule in our lives: mothers, fathers, teachers, pastors, counsellors, politicians, diplomats, bankers, police officers, social workers, wardens and jailers, probation officer, tax collectors, dictators and their soldiers, kings and presidents. For the day will come when all shall stand powerless before this God of John's vision (in the Book of Revelation)."
--from Billy Graham's 1992 book "Storm Warning"
6/20/2016 3:06:12 PM

Jackie Knight
Dr. Graham, please consider a stop in Washington, D.C. on October 10. I know you have an extraordinarily heavy tour schedule but it's vitally important that we show our legislators that we demand men and women of faith and virtue serving in Congress. We need to show them that faith and patriotism is necessary to show God that America is not turning away from Him.
6/3/2016 8:42:35 PM

Angelo L Smith
What is the date and time for Trenton, N.J. tour for praying for our nation?
4/16/2016 8:49:50 PM

Elaine Mallory
I would like to know date and opportunities to assist with Richmond prayers and attendance.
4/5/2016 2:42:03 PM

Juan Garcia
I would like to serve in Santa Fe, NM as a volunteer. Please send information. Also available for other locations. Thank you.
1/19/2016 12:07:40 AM

I would appreciate the schedule for Minnesota. THANKS
1/4/2016 7:04:20 PM

Susan Gates
I would like to volunteer for the Decision Tour when you visit Columbus, Ohio. I would love to have this opportunity to serve Jesus Christ. Thank you, and God bless.
1/2/2016 4:47:13 AM

M. Carol Caudill
As a supporter of Samaritan's Purse, I would love to attend your Tour when you are in Columbus, OH. Please send me a schedule of when you will be here. In God's name!!
12/15/2015 1:07:39 PM

Mr Franklin Graham. I just heard about your Decision America Tour 2016 on TBN. I am very much interested in being a part of this tour. I have a bus license with airbrakes and can transport up to 64 passengers. If you have a need for a driver I would be interested in talking with you. Thank you, sir, for all you're trying to do for our country in the name of Jesus. My prayers are with you and your organization and what you're doing. I also pray for all of your saftey. Prayers for your loving, caring, dynamic, Jesus-filled father, Mr. Billy Graham. Hope to hear back from you. Your Christian Brother Mike! God bless you and America too!!!😇
10/14/2015 1:25:06 PM

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