Proposal to change the purpose of Fruitland
    October 21 2013 by BSC Communications

    Messengers attending the annual meeting of the Baptist State Convention (Convention) this November will be considering a motion from the Convention’s Board of Directors (Board) related to the purpose of Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute (Fruitland). The proposal to change the purpose of Fruitland originated with the Fruitland Board of Directors and was presented to the Convention’s Board of Directors at its meeting in May 2013.
    The Convention’s Board approved the proposed changes. The Convention’s Bylaws require that any change to the purpose of Fruitland must be approved by the Convention’s messengers during the annual meeting.
    The Convention’s Board will bring motions to amend Articles I and III of Fruitland’s Constitution and to amend Article II.G.1. of the Convention’s Bylaws to the messengers for consideration during the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Convention on Nov. 12.
    The proposed amendments to Articles I and III of the Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute Constitution are found below. The proposed amendment to the Convention’s Bylaws is included in Motion 1 of the proposed changes to the Bylaws located here. The current reading of Article I and Article III of the Fruitland Constitution, as well as the proposed reading of each, together with the proposed amendment to the Convention’s Bylaws are also available on the Convention’s Annual Meeting website. To access these documents, please visit

    In 2012, the Fruitland Board of Directors began a study related to three changes related to the school. The first was for Fruitland to become a junior college offering associate degrees with a change of name from Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute to Fruitland Baptist Bible College.
    The second change was related to an expansion of the curriculum. The third change was to seek accreditation for the school.
    The change to a college as reflected by the change of the name impacts the stated purpose of the school. Currently, the stated purpose includes the following language: The purpose of Fruitland is to provide a high quality Biblical education for persons called into Christian ministries for whom study in a college or seminary may not be presently appropriate. Therefore, becoming a college with a change of name of the school requires a change in the stated purpose of the school, which as stated previously, requires approval by the messengers during an annual meeting of the Convention.
    The change of curriculum also impacts the stated purpose of the school. The change in curriculum will result in an expansion of the current associate degree program offered.
    The current purpose statement does not recognize that the school has been offering both certificate and associate degree programs for many years. The new purpose articulates the programs that have been offered by Fruitland for many years.
    The third change approved by the Fruitland Board does not directly impact the current stated purpose of the school.  However, the proposed stated purpose has been developed with the intent of satisfying the requirements of potential accrediting agencies. Therefore, the proposed stated purpose seeks to position Fruitland for the next steps in seeking accreditation in the future.
    The Convention Board supports and affirms the actions of the Fruitland Board. Therefore, the Convention Board brings this recommendation to the Convention messengers for consideration. If the motion to amend the Fruitland Constitution is approved by the messengers, a subsequent motion will be presented to amend the Convention’s Bylaws to bring agreement on Fruitland’s new purpose as set forth in its Constitution with the Convention’s Bylaws.
    The proposed change in stated purpose does not impact the relationship between Fruitland and the Convention. The educational institution is, and remains, a ministry of the Convention. The Fruitland Board, while having specific duties and assignments, maintains its accountability to the Convention’s Board of Directors. Fruitland continues to share in the distribution of Cooperative Program funds. The employees of Fruitland remain employees of the Convention; likewise, the property of Fruitland continues to be owned by the Convention.
    Should you have questions about the proposed changes to Fruitland’s purpose, please contact David Horton, Fruitland president at
    Questions related to the process needed to approve this change in purpose during the Annual Meeting of the Convention may be directed to Brian Davis, associate executive director-treasurer at

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