Annual Meeting schedule
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    Messengers to the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSC) will gather Nov. 10-11 at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro. Visit the convention’s annual meeting website ( for more information and updates for the meeting.

    Monday evening, Nov. 10

    2:00 p.m. Exhibits and Registration Open
    6:00 Reflective Worship
    6:15 Worship Concert – Vertical Generation, Youth Worship Choir, Calvary Baptist Church, Winston-Salem
    6:30 Call to Order – Conley J. Bordeaux Sr.
    Pledges (American & Christian flags, Bible)
    Committee on Convention Meetings         
    Prayer – James David Gailliard
    6:55 Greetings
    N.C. Baptist Men Partnerships
    BSC Great Commission Partnerships
    7:10 Theme Interpretation Video
    Jackson Ussery and Rebecca Brambila
    7:25 Baptist Children’s Homes – Michael Blackwell
    7:50 Worship through Music – Vertical Generation
    8:10 Introduction of President – Timmy D. Blair Sr.
    Special Music – Darrell J. Bordeaux
    8:15 President’s Address – Conley J. Bordeaux Sr.
    8:45 Closing Prayer – Jeff Broadwell   

    Tuesday morning, Nov. 11

    7:30 a.m. Listening Sessions
    2015 Budget Proposal (Pinehurst)
    Proposed Bylaw Amendments (Turnberry)
    8:00 Exhibits and registration open (exhibits close at 7:30 p.m.) 
    8:30 Call to Worship – The Ambassadors
    8:45 Call to Order – Conley J. Bordeaux Sr.      
    Prayer – Linda Blackburn
    8:50 Theme Interpretation – Robert J. Peters III
    9:00 Worship through Prayer – Robert J. Peters III
    9:10 Worship through Music – The Ambassadors
    9:20 Board of Directors Report – Michael Barrett
    Impacting Lostness through Disciple-Making – Milton A. Hollifield Jr.
    10:00 Music – The Ambassadors
    10:05 Miscellaneous Business
    10:20 Election of Officers (Fixed Order of Business) – President
    10:30 Board of Directors Report – Michael Barrett
    11:00 Institution & Agency Reports
    North Carolina Baptist Foundation
    Biblical Recorder
    North Carolina Baptist Hospital               
    North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry
    11:30 Closing Prayer – David Gasperson

    Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 11

    1:15 p.m. Call to Order – Conley J. Bordeaux Sr.       
    Prayer – Jonas Perez
    1:20 Greeting – LifeWay Christian Resources
    1:25 Theme Interpretation – Noah Crowe
    1:30 Worship through Prayer – Noah Crowe
    1:35 Worship through Music – Kenny Lamm
    1:40 Election of Officers
    First & Second Vice President    
    1:50 North Carolina Baptist Men – Richard Brunson
    2:05 Convention Committee Reports
    Committee on Nominations         
    Committee on Resolutions and Memorials      
    Historical Committee
    2:20 Music – Kenny Lamm
    2:25 Board of Directors Report (Fixed Order of Business) – Michael Barrett
    Thank You from SBC Executive Committee
    Proposed 2015 Budget for BSC and NCMO
    2:55 Breakout Sessions Promotion – Lynn Sasser
    3:00 Closing prayer – Angela Honeycutt
    3:15 First Breakout Session (see list)
    4:15 Second Breakout Session  (see list)

    Tuesday evening, Nov. 11

    6:45 Call to Worship – N.C. Baptist Singers and Orchestra
    7:15 Call to Order – Conley J. Bordeaux Sr.
    Video Presentation by the President of the SBC: Call to Columbus
    Prayer – Perry K. Brindley III
    7:20 Greetings – International Mission Board,
    North American Mission Board
    7:35 Evaluation
    7:40 Presentation of Officers
    7:45 Greater Things Worship Service
    Worship Leaders – N.C. Baptist Singers and Orchestra, N.C. Baptist Renewing Worship Band Convention Sermon – Jonathan Falwell
    Prayer – Henry S. (Sandy) Beck III

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