Breakout sessions offer training in discipleship, church renewal
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    Tues., Nov. 11 during the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s (BSC) annual meeting, there will be a time for people to attend their choice of breakout sessions. Two sessions will be offered: 3:15-4 p.m. and 4:15-5 p.m. All the sessions are free and available at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro.

    3 Circles: Life conversation guide

    Alvin Reid (Sessions 1 & 2; Colony A)
    How many times, in everyday conversations, do people engage you about their problems or challenges? It’s amazing how often people share their heartaches regarding their marriages, children, finances, addictions, depression – you name it. People are hurting, and they need hope. This session will help you learn how to turn conversations about problems to conversations about Jesus.

    Children and choices

    Cheryl Markland (Session 2; Cedar B)
    Life can be viewed as a series of choices: leave or stay, do or don’t, obey or disobey. Effective disciple-making with children develops a biblical worldview for decision making throughout life. Join us as we use gospel stories that focus on choices that help children develop a biblical worldview for living life as a disciple of Christ.

    The Church Renewal Journey

    Bob Foy (Session 2; Cedar C)
    The Church Renewal Journey is a lay-led ministry of awakening designed to help focus the congregation on its mission of impacting lostness in its community, nation and around the world. This conference is designed to give an overview of this journey and to show you how your church can get involved.

    Engaging unreached people with the gospel

    Chuck Register (Session 2; Oak B)
    Hear about mission opportunities in East Asia, Southeast Asia and across North Carolina and learn how your church can engage unreached peoples with the gospel.

    Greater Things through prayer

    J. Chris Schofield (Session 1; Cedar C) 
    We all can agree that we are in desperate need of God. Biblically and historically, God has always used revival and spiritual awakening to impact lostness and transform the moral and spiritual fiber of churches and communities. This conference examines ways to pray biblically and effectively for God to do greater things through revival and spiritual awakening.

    Knowing your community

    Shirley Sells (Sessions 1 & 2; Oak C)
    MissionInsite provides the most comprehensive community demographic information for missional use in ministry. This includes the ability to view and analyze member presence by neighborhood and view households by social, economic, behavior and religious interests. Learn how to use new technology and community demographic information systems for ministry.

    Minister’s wives: Fruitful living in Christ

    Lesley Hildreth (Session 1; Heritage A) 
    This session will encourage participants to cultivate a deep relationship with Christ as a source of fruitful living. Our goal will be to help all women live on mission with God through different seasons and stations in life. Whether you are staying at home or working outside the home, raising toddlers or teenagers, serving on a church staff or married to a church staff member, you can bear fruit that will last. Our session is intended to deepen your walk with God and extend your influence in the field He has placed you.

    Multiplying my church

    Mark Gray & Marcus Redding (Sessions 1 & 2; Olympia)
    Reaching the 5.8 million lost in North Carolina will take different kinds of churches to reach different kinds of people. This conference will assist church leaders in identifying unreached people groups in their communities and reveal keys to reaching them with the gospel. Healthy churches multiply and give birth to new congregations that contextualize to reach the unreached. This session will provide handles and perspectives to get the job done.

    North American mission opportunities

    Chuck Register (Session 1; Oak B) 
    Meet our North American missions partners from New York City, Boston and Toronto and hear how your church can be involved in reaching these major urban centers with the gospel of Christ.

    Parenting teenagers with purpose

    Merrie Johnson (Session 1; Cedar B)
    Parents are still the number one influencers in a teenager’s life. Are you leveraging your influence to disciple your teens? What we say matters, but what we do will be what they reproduce. As a parent, are you being purposeful in how you are modeling your faith to your teens? 

    Step by step disciple-making

    Brian Upshaw (Sessions 1 & 2; Colony B) 
    Disciple-making may be a buzz word in the life of the church today, but biblically it is much more! Every church needs to discover a process to help people take the next step in discipleship – from the not-yet believer to the fully mature follower. In this session we will provide proven techniques for creating a system in your church where disciples are developed and deployed to do greater things for God.

    Becoming intercultural

    Steve Harris & Larry Phillips (Session 2; Colony C)
    This session will assist churches in initiating, developing and sustaining intercultural relationships, body life and ministry.

    The church’s mission heart

    Patrick Fuller & Larry Phillips (Session 1; Colony C)
    This session is to assist churches  to think strategically through some foundational mission principles that will equip the church for a holistic and powerful Acts 1:8 mission strategy.

    Cultivating women who make disciples

    Ashley Allen (Session 2; Heritage A) 
    Jesus clearly gives the Great Commission mandate to all believers – including women. In 2 Timothy 2:2 Paul encouraged Timothy to teach the things he learned from Paul to another person so they could disciple others, too. How can women do the same? This breakout session will provide practical ideas for building relationships with other women in order to make disciples, help those disciples grow in their faith and teach them to make other disciples.

    The ethne in North Carolina

    Michael Sowers (Session 2; Turnberry) 
    The face of North Carolina is changing.  Our cities are becoming more ethnically diverse, and the church must be ready to engage people who God is bringing to our neighborhoods. This session will help your church see how to discover the people who are coming to our cities, and how to begin the process of engaging people from all over the world.

    Groups matter!

    Paul Hill  (Sessions 1 & 2; Cedar A) 
    Your Sunday School or small group ministry is a key part of seeing greater things happen in the life and ministry of the church. In this session you will learn proven principles for building Bible-centered, missional classes and groups that make disciples!

    Knowing your mission field

    Michael Sowers (Session 1; Turnberry)
    “Impacting Lostness through Disciple-making” is a great way to describe our task in the community in which we live. However, before we can truly impact lostness, we need to know what our mission field is. This session will help you discover the mission field around you and begin to lay a foundation of a strategy to engage.

    Multiple missions opportunities

    N.C. Baptists on Mission Staff (Sessions 1 & 2; Oak A) 
    Your church can be involved in missions locally, across the state and around the world. Come discover the mission adventures available right now!

    No campus left

    Jonathan Yarboro (Sessions 1 & 2; Heritage B) 
    There are 591,000 college students in North Carolina. We can’t reach all of them by focusing on a small fraction of college campuses. In order to reach them all, we must mobilize missionaries on every single college campus in the state until there is “no campus left” without a gospel presence. This breakout session will introduce how the Collegiate Partnerships Team of the BSC is working with churches across the state toward that end.

    Passion, purity and porn

    Eddie Thompson (Sessions 1 & 2; Auditorium 1) 
    Sex is a great gift designed by God to bring a husband and wife together in oneness. But our sexual culture of extremes, including pornography and homosexuality, has impacted families in ways previously unknown. This breakout session will consider real life answers to one of the toughest battles of our time.

    Revitalizing your church

    Antonio Santos (Sessions 1 & 2; Pinehurst)
    According to the North American Mission Board, 70-75 percent of Southern Baptist churches in North America are either plateaued or declining. This session will explore various options for revitalizing your congregation. 

    Stewardship that produces abundant harvest

    Neal Eller (Sessions 1 & 2; Bear Creek) 
    Do you really believe Jesus when He said, “anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works?” Stewardship that produces abundant harvest is going to require a lot of faith and action on your part as a leader. A new discipleship stewardship resource will be introduced guaranteed to test just that.

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