UPDATED: Wreck ends Boone’s record-breaking attempt
    September 9 2010 by staff and wire reports

    A wreck in Denton Wednesday night ended Chris Boone’s dream to break the cross-state record for North Carolina. 

    But Boone’s overarching goal of raising money for the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH) was a success.

    He raised $254,000 for BCH, which surpassed his goal of $250,000.

    On Boone’s Facebook page today, he wrote, “I am sitting at the beach nursing my wounds. I want everyone to know I am a little down but I am not going to stay. I will accomplish this goal with God's help.”

    RideNC2010 was promoted as part of BCH’s 125th anniversary. At mile 260 he was on target to beat the record when his wheel caught the gap between the road and rail when crossing tracks at Old 64 and 109 East of Lexington. The accident occurred shortly after passing a crowd of staff members and residents from BCH in Lexington

    BCH’s page on Facebook said today: “RideNC2010 did not end the way we expected, but that does not mean it wasn't a success. The support has been raised! Children's lives will be forever changed! And Chris has demonstrated what it means to truly give of oneself sacrificially to make a difference in the name of Christ.”

    The ride, which began near Murphy, was celebrated in Manteo today at 11 a.m. as scheduled. Boone’s team of about 20 helped him after his wreck and took him to the final destination.
    9/9/2010 4:06:00 AM by staff and wire reports | with 1 comments

Gene Scarborough
Great story!!!

It looks like our Editor needs to give him some lessons in pushing through a rut!!!

I expect there is a great difference between Umstead Park's dirt trail and the rigors of "Old 64." That is one of our state's best highways and it runs through my life as I travel eastern NC.

Hope the wounds heal and more money is raised for a worthy cause--our wonderful ministry to children struggling to get through their ruts of life.
9/10/2010 6:30:25 AM

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