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  • Calling out the called

    March 28 2017 by Scott Hildreth | with 0 comments

    About 30 years ago, a wise pastor and a group of church leaders made a decision that quite literally changed my life and the lives of tens of thousands of others.   As I understand it (I wasn’t there), the pastor believed that internal and external forces limited the church’s growth potential.

  • International intentionality at a campus near you

    March 27 2017 by Stefani Varner | with 0 comments

    During my senior year of college, I was invited to join more than 500 Chinese students and their families to celebrate Chinese New Year. I spent several hours eating authentic food, watching talent shows and videos from celebrations around the world and learning about various customs and traditions.

  • TobyMac & me

    March 24 2017 by Gerald Harris | with 0 comments

    I went to the “Hits Deep Tour” featuring TobyMac at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, Ga. , earlier this month. I didn’t go alone, but with my extended family – 17 of us (one granddaughter was sick and could not join us).

  • The Bible speaks on racism

    March 23 2017 by David Johnson | with 0 comments

    Not long ago, I preached in a downtown mission to a group of men who had been living on the street. It was a diverse group and I wanted to talk with them about racism in the wake of recent events that had raised tensions in various communities around the country.

  • United by truth

    March 22 2017 by Joshua Crutchfield | with 1 comments

    As I look on in dismay at the convention I love, splintering and fragmenting, I cannot help but desire unity. This is why I have believed that we as Southern Baptists must pull together our resources for the sake of the gospel based on our doctrinal commitment defined in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

  • Celebrating, strengthening the Cooperative Program

    March 20 2017 by Jason K. Allen | with 0 comments

    The Cooperative Program ought not be a sacred cow, but it is close to one for me. Began by Southern Baptists nearly a century ago, it has proven to be a most effective and enduring way to support our collective ministry and mission work. I often visit with leaders of other evangelical denominations who are envious of the Cooperative Program.

  • Go beyond

    March 17 2017 by Kevin Ezell | with 0 comments

    Have you noticed that God does not settle for the status quo? There is no place in the Bible where He says, “There, that’s good enough. You can take a break now. ” Even nature, which He created, is constantly shifting, changing and moving in order to keep the balance He intended.

  • Save the people

    March 16 2017 by Brian Hobbs | with 0 comments

    Millions of people in the online world have watched livestream video for days on end for a 15-year-old named April to give birth to her baby. April, though, is not a teen mom. April is a giraffe who lives at Animal Adventure Park in New York.   People often are as emotionally attached to the lives of animals as they are of people.

  • When foster kids come to church

    March 15 2017 by Diana Davis | with 0 comments

    “The Turners have a new foster child,” someone whispered. A wide-eyed 12-year-old walked into church beside the couple, and people began to welcome him.   When God prompts someone in your church to foster a child, how will your church respond? Are the preschool, children’s and youth workers prepared? Will children include them? Will seniors and singles, ushers and leaders, individuals and groups lovingly support those brave parents and welcome that child? READ MORE

  • No one likes being the new kid on the block. Just thinking about it now takes me back to difficult times when I experienced loneliness and unfamiliarity in new places.   It even reminds me of those awkward years trying to fit in with others in my early school years.

  • Our Benedict is probably black

    March 13 2017 by Seth Brown, BR Content Editor | with 1 comments

    Rod Dreher’s vision of America is apocalyptic, and he’s looking to the past for a glimpse into the future. Ancient monasteries give him hope for American Christianity, but Dreher might find the Italian hill country of his dreams right across town.

  • Staggered & humbled

    March 13 2017 by Jonathan Akin | with 0 comments

    Background: At the SBC Executive Committee meeting in February, Kevin Ezell, president of the North American Mission Board, announced that Jonathan Akin had been named to lead a ministry of NAMB and the Executive Committee to engage young leaders in Southern Baptist cooperative missions.

  • Fresh perspective

    March 10 2017 by Jeff Iorg | with 0 comments

    I met a young woman at a recent event who told me her story which left me in awe of her courage. Here’s what she has packed into the past few years.   She grew up in an Asian country, the daughter of working-class parents who did menial jobs to provide for their family.

  • The power of preaching the Word

    March 9 2017 by Frankie J. Melton Jr. | with 0 comments

    The writer of Hebrews said, “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12).

  • Innovative ministry in rural Wadesboro

    March 7 2017 by Jonathan Yarboro | with 2 comments

    Like many N. C. Baptist churches, Brown Creek Baptist Church’s building occupies a rural piece of land on the corner of a state highway and a country road bearing its name.   Rather than driving into a bustling new neighborhood of young families across the street, Pastor Curtis Williams walks across the street to the parsonage where he lives.

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