Guest Columns
  • ‘Pilgrim’s Progress,’ now animated

    April 18 2019 by Phil Boatwright | with 0 comments

    In time to celebrate Easter, an animated adaptation of the enduring John Bunyan allegory “Pilgrim’s Progress” reaches movie theaters April 18 and 20.   The epic adventure, written some 340 years ago while Bunyan was...

  • Insights for discerning God’s will

    April 17 2019 by Ronnie Floyd | with 0 comments

    I announced my resignation as senior pastor of Cross Church on Sunday, April 7. Completely content in the Lord serving in my 33rd year in northwest Arkansas, God issued a new calling on my life when I accepted the position of president and chief...

  • Urgent call for women’s voices in our churches

    April 16 2019 by Traci Griggs | with 0 comments

    As a North Carolina Baptist who has worked and worshipped in Baptist circles for most of my adult life, I see an urgent need for conservative evangelicals to take decisive steps to ensure that women’s voices are being heard in our churches...

  • Tell it to all

    April 12 2019 by Clara Molina | with 0 comments

    We sing every year to encourage people, especially Christians, “Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere” that Jesus was born!   Many of us, however, fail to go and tell that Jesus Christ came to die as a living...

  • Emergency responders

    April 11 2019 by David Jeremiah | with 0 comments

    I have endless respect for emergency responders, those trained to deploy when time is of the essence. In most search-and-rescue missions, conditions are unpredictable and every second can make the difference between survival and disaster.   ...

  • You may be asking

    April 9 2019 by Ronnie Floyd | with 0 comments

    You may be asking: What is the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee responsible for doing?   As the newly elected president and CEO, I will provide leadership as designated and authorized by the...

  • Greatness worth guarding

    April 8 2019 by David Hankins | with 0 comments

    I recently met with a group of our Louisiana associational mission strategists (formerly called directors of missions). As I stood before these friends and partners in ministry, knowing it would be the last time I addressed them as a group in my...

  • 50 floors above Johannesburg

    April 5 2019 by Paul Chitwood | with 0 comments

    Standing on the observation deck of the tallest building in Africa and looking out across the sprawling city below, I was powerfully reminded of the eternal importance of the cooperative mission work of Southern Baptists.   ...

  • When yet another Southern Baptist leader resigned because of sexual misconduct, a Christian colleague of mine was sincerely baffled. “What’s going on?” he wondered. “Why are so many Christian leaders involved in sexual...

  • Pondering our snapshots

    April 3 2019 by David Gray | with 0 comments

    A snapshot is a moment frozen in time. It can capture reflections of joy or pain, happiness or sorrow. A photograph can enflame passion or evoke horror.   Yet a snapshot can mislead, drawing the viewer into...

  • Raising awareness about the opioid epidemic

    April 2 2019 by Bob Jordan | with 0 comments

    The Christian Life & Public Affairs (CLPA) Special Committee of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina is focusing on the opioid epidemic this year.   I was shocked to discover that the greatest rise in death in recent years is...

  • A lot can be lost in a single generation. The writers of scripture often warned the leaders of Israel that unless they rehearsed the works of God to their children and grandchildren, a generation would arise that “knew not the Lord or his...

  • Crucify self?

    March 29 2019 by Sarah Dixon Young | with 0 comments

    When we moved from Florida to North Dakota, I was surprised at the number of official documents we needed to change.   Driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations and insurance, health insurance, mailing address for all our bills...

  • Looking for heaven on earth

    March 28 2019 by Lynn Pryor | with 0 comments

    I am all for improving society and culture, but what should that look like?   My Democratic friends tell me one thing. My Republican friends tell me another.   Some of my evangelical friends tell me one...

  • Are you an enemy of the cross of Christ?

    March 27 2019 by Kelvin J. Cochran | with 0 comments

    “For I have told you often before, and now I say it again with tears in my eyes, there are many who walk along the Christian road who are really enemies of the cross of Christ,” the apostle Paul lamented.   ...

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