United prayer is what we need
    May 5 2015 by J. Chris Schofield, BSCNC Office of Prayer

    Ever been in a desperate situation?
    In May 1940, more than 300,000 British and French soldiers huddled down in full retreat and defeat at Dunkirk. Hitler’s Blitzkrieg warfare had routed the allied armies and they were facing certain annihilation or imprisonment.
    On one side was the shallow port of Dunkirk on the English Channel. On the other side, Hitler’s war machine with panzer tank divisions, infantry and his esteemed Luftwaffe (air force).
    As Hitler’s armies prepared to make a final assault on Dunkirk, King George VI of England declared a National Day of Prayer to be observed on May 26. Churches opened their doors and people united in prayer. What happened next has been aptly called the “Miracle of Dunkirk.”
    God moved and began answering the prayers of the English people. Hitler suddenly changed his mind (going against all advice from his officers) and ordered his tanks and infantry to hold their positions while the air force finished off the British and French troops.
    Then, before the planes could get in the air, an intense thunderstorm followed by a dense fog covered Dunkirk and the channel. The fog set in for nine days and the channel turned very calm, which allowed small boats and naval vessels opportunity to come ashore and rescue the soldiers. Some 335,000 troops were rescued as believers united in prayer for God’s mercy amidst the onslaught of Hitler’s evil war machine.
    Acts 1:14 says that the believers “continued with one accord in prayer and supplication,” desperately waiting on the Lord’s Spirit to fill and flood their lives with power to proclaim the resurrected Christ to their world. They, like the believers in Britain knew the power of united prayer.
    On Thursday, May 7, believers across America have the opportunity to unite in prayer on behalf of our nation during National Day of Prayer gatherings.
    It is no secret that America is in a moral and spiritual freefall. The fact is America is being lost to paganism and most churches are in desperate need of revival. The church in America has its back against the wall – just like the allied troops did in 1940 and believers in the first century did prior to Pentecost. They responded with united prayer. Will we?
    To find out how you can unite in prayer with others for our nation or for more information and resources related to the National Day of Prayer visit: nationaldayofprayer.org.

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