Guest Columns
  • The Lord’s Supper & our baptisms

    March 8 2018 by Nate Adams, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    Celebrations of the Lord’s Supper and believer’s baptism have always been among the most basic practices of Baptist churches. Yet it’s possible for these to become occasional, even rare, ceremonies, rather than foundational ordinances.

  • Scared to share?

    March 7 2018 by Doug Munton, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    Though I have shared the gospel message many times, I can still be afraid to share my faith with others. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. I’ve heard many others express that same anxiety. Here are some reasons we might be afraid to share our faith and what to do about it.

  • Grateful for Graham’s clarity, passion

    March 6 2018 by Chuck Lawless, Guest Column | with 0 comments

    I never had the privilege of meeting Billy Graham, but his ministry marks my life.   He was the first crusade evangelist I ever heard speak when I was a teenage believer, and many were the nights I watched him preach the Word on television.   The clarity of his message and the passion of his heart made me long to tell the old, old story as often as I could.

  • He preached powerful gospel

    March 5 2018 by Dan Darling, Guest Column | with 0 comments

    In 1970, a 21-year-old young man, born into a dysfunctional home fractured by alcoholism, walked forward with his mother at the showing of a Billy Graham movie in a Chicago-area theater. The next year he attended a crusade, part of the 1971 Chicago campaign.

  • The umbrella of grace

    March 2 2018 by Laura Hurd, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    Who knew that the umbrella, made to protect from rainy day elements, could lavish such care and bring forth unforeseen fellowship?   What a delight to watch from my son’s Sunday School room window and see church members unexpectedly being met at their vehicles with a smile and an umbrella.

  • Judging versus judgmentalism

    March 1 2018 by Danny Akin, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    Throughout my ministry, I have heard few verses quoted from the Bible as regularly as Matthew 7:1, which says, “Do not judge, so that you won’t be judged. ” Even when I speak to those who know very little of the Bible’s content or redemptive story, they are able to recite this verse.

  • Billy Graham’s motorcade

    February 28 2018 by Keith Shorter, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    When I heard that Billy Graham had died my first thought was purely selfish. “I never got to meet him. ” For more than 40 years, Billy Graham has been my spiritual hero. My dream was to one day shake his hand and thank him for the impact he had on my life.

  • Immigration & the church

    February 27 2018 by Frankie J. Melton Jr., Baptist Press | with 1 comments

    The world’s population is on the move. Unprecedented numbers of men, women and children are immigrating to countries beyond the boundaries of their ancestors. Many are doing what immigrants have always done: fleeing persecution, disease and hardship.

  • When is an invalid invalid?

    February 26 2018 by Jim Burton, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    The unabridged English dictionary symbolizes the power of the English language. I recall a time when most public libraries and many schools had one unabridged dictionary. The book was enormous and, in theory, contained all the words in the English language.

  • Be a light in the NICU

    February 23 2018 by Autumn Wall, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    Unexpected tragedy strikes – that’s just life sometimes. As I write these words, it is fresh from the experience of holding my 1-week-old baby girl in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). And I must say, it was a pretty odd place to be.

  • Hazardous exposure

    February 21 2018 by David Jeremiah, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    A man entered a bank in Modesto, Calif. , to make a deposit a couple of years ago. He handed the teller a large wad of money wrapped in a paper towel, and after he left the teller broke out in hives and had trouble breathing. Other bank employees developed fevers and respiratory problems.

  • ‘I’m sorry’: Thoughts on the CBF

    February 20 2018 by Layne Wallace | with 3 comments

    Her name was Goldie Hicks. Goldie was a deacon at the first church I had the honor of serving after graduating seminary, Center Hill Baptist Church in Lexington, N. C. Goldie was an exceptional deacon with a deep love for God and her church. She was long past retirement, but her age was seen as a great source of wisdom.

  • All other ground is sinking sand: A portrait of theological disaster

    February 20 2018 by Albert Mohler, Guest Column | with 0 comments

    Theological disaster almost never strikes out of the blue. Trouble builds and disaster is somehow averted again and again, but anyone with eyes to see knows the time is running out. Time has run out for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF).   The CBF emerged in the early 1990s as churches aligned with the more liberal wing of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), self-identified as “moderates,” forged a new organization to replace the SBC, in which they no longer felt at home.

  • What does the Bible say about immigrants?

    February 19 2018 by Miguel Echevarría, Guest Column | with 2 comments

    Immigration is one of the most polarizing topics in America. Our two major political parties habitually yell sensational slogans and exaggerated criticisms of one another.   To make matters worse, many news outlets have sworn allegiance to either a donkey or an elephant, and bend facts to suit their needs.

  • Not just a ring – a choice for the King

    February 16 2018 by Peter J. Link Jr. | with 0 comments

    Apart from the decision to surrender one’s life to Christ, few earthly choices define a person’s relationship with God as greatly as selecting a spouse. Marriage joins two persons into genuine unity and diversity, man and woman.   We must not, if we are to be faithful to God, follow the blind passion of a moment or the tide of our generation’s muddied thinking into choosing a spouse, because in marriage we make more than a bed.

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