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  • What guests see when they visit your church

    July 9 2012 by Thom S. Rainer, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In the context of serious theological discussions, it may seem trivial to write about first impressions of guests when they visit your church. But if we could understand that a returning guest has more opportunities to...

  • The power of revival & repentance

    July 6 2012 by Fred Luter Jr., Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    NEW ORLEANS – As a kid growing up in my home church, one of the most exciting times of the year was our annual revival. Oh what a time that was! It was a time that everyone was anticipating. I can vividly remember the choir singing songs...

  • His choice: Denounce Jesus or face torture

    July 6 2012 by Lin Sung* with Susie Rain, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    (EDITOR’S NOTE – Lin Sung* had just completed evangelism training. As part of the final assignment, the class dispersed to surrounding villages to practice sharing the gospel. Sung sent a text message to tell a friend where he would be...

  • ‘More than a fire’ in Colorado flames

    July 5 2012 by Bob Bender, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Sunday before the most destructive fire in Colorado history, I preached on suffering.* One must not preach on such a subject unless he is willing to live it. The Waldo Canyon fire would soon become a community...

  • A stunning reminder: the darkness lives in me

    July 3 2012 by Dave Miller, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    SIOUX CITY, Iowa – I had a shocking conversation with an old friend recently. He told me that his wife, whom I had known as a vibrant, passionate, committed Christian, had abandoned her family, her faith and embraced a life of sin with wild...

  • The need of Southern Baptist prayers for the nation

    June 29 2012 by Bryant Wright, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    MARIETTA, Ga. – The Prayer Vigil for Spiritual Revival and National Renewal (Sept. 26-Nov. 4) is a great opportunity for Southern Baptist Christians to come together as a unified body and lift up our nation to our Almighty God. I believe...

  • It’s the size of your heart, not your church

    June 28 2012 by Erich Bridges, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    NEW ORLEANS – Chris Jenkins wants fellow pastors to know something up front: It’s not easy to get your church strategically involved in global missions. In fact, it might be the hardest thing you ever do. “I hear the IMB giving...

  • Turning a page in SBC history (& shedding tears of joy)

    June 27 2012 by Rick Lance, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Tears welled up in my eyes when I stood applauding the election of Fred Luter as the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). I was not alone in the demonstrative display of emotion. You could feel it in the...

  • ‘Only God can repay you’

    June 27 2012 by Anna Farmer, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    (EDITOR’S NOTE – The following note was written by a Baptist Global Response partner after the first distribution of food to two villages in Mali suffering in the Sahel food crisis. The name has been changed for security reasons. You...

  • Did Noah’s Ark have dinosaurs?

    June 19 2012 by Mark Coppenger, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Were there dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? Maybe so. If they were alive on the earth in Noah’s day, then they were included in God’s directive that Noah bring two of every kind of land animal and bird into the...

  • The Rise of Individualism

    June 18 2012 by Rit Varriale, Guest Column | with 0 comments

    The term “individualism” has a variety of nuances. For purposes of this work, the term is used to refer to the value, protection, and promotion of the rights and beliefs of the individual. That’s a good thing. Each individual...

  • Be there

    June 15 2012 by Erich Bridges, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    RICHMOND, Va. – Don’t just do something; stand there. Better yet, kneel there. Be there. It’s easy to switch the verbs in the old, accusatory challenge to do something – anything – rather than stand around. Lots of...

  • Let’s LoveLoud, Southern Baptists

    June 13 2012 by Al Gilbert, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    Recently I had a conversation with a church planter in San Francisco. The one-year-old church has been heavily involved in helping a local school. They are tutoring struggling kids, supporting teachers and their families and have helped with...

  • 5 lessons about manhood I learned from my dad

    June 12 2012 by Jason Lee, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    FORT WORTH, Texas – I was blessed to have my dad when I was growing up. Not only that, I also knew both of my grandfathers (since they were World War II vets, one at Utah Beach and the other on Guadalcanal, that was not a given). Not...

  • 8 tips for fathers on Father’s Day

    June 11 2012 by Diana Davis, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    INDIANAPOLIS – Christian fathers can positively impact our families and the world. Share the following Bible-based tips with fathers you know. The list may be downloaded at under the “free stuff” tab. Add your...

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