Guest Columns
  • Childlike awe

    August 8 2018 by Randy C. Davis | with 0 comments

    I grew up on the Alabama Gulf Coast and love it. But it’s a little more than just loving it, it’s in my blood.   The majority of my earliest memories are of water skiing up and down the canal, fishing off the coast of Orange Beach, shrimping in Perdido Bay and sitting at the end of a pier watching beautiful sunsets with my family.

  • Ephesus: Have we lost our first love?

    August 7 2018 by Marty Jacumin | with 0 comments

    First in a series   When people are searching for a church to join, they usually have a set of criteria in mind.

  • As a biblioholic, I am constantly looking for new books. As a pastor who wants to grow in my personal witness and lead my church to greater effectiveness in reaching people for Christ, I’m especially interested in new books on evangelism. This summer, I discovered a gem while at the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in Dallas.

  • Technology’s increasing authority in our lives

    August 6 2018 by Jason Thacker | with 0 comments

    In February 2017 there was a far-reaching event that few noticed. It wasn’t the Oscars, or even the president’s first address to Congress. Amazon S3 web servers went down – a much bigger deal than might be expected. These server outages primarily affected the East Coast, but the implications reached farther.

  • What about my kids? Foster care’s impact

    August 3 2018 by Rachel Blankenship | with 0 comments

    Last year, we were a family of four. My husband and I had a 7-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter. But with one phone call our whole world changed.   READ MORE

  • Neighborly love

    August 1 2018 by Autumn Wall | with 0 comments

    We’re all pretty good at applying Jesus’ call to “love your neighbor” (Mark 12:31) to people we go to church with, people we enjoy being around and people our kids spend time around.   READ MORE

  • Ministry not for the faint of heart

    July 31 2018 by Coy Webb | with 0 comments

      I have served in active ministry for the sake of my Lord for 40 years, and for the last decade as director of Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief.

  • The right tools

    July 30 2018 by Hance Dilbeck | with 0 comments

    You can do just about anything if you have the right tools.   What tools do we need to use to build and repair our nation? Most everyone agrees that our nation is facing some serious challenges.

  • Spurgeon, personal integrity & beards

    July 25 2018 by Adam Groza | with 0 comments

    Over the past few years, perhaps you’ve noticed the proliferation of beards among younger pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Aside from being fashionable, I was recently reminded of an important point about personal integrity and beards from the Prince of Preachers (and beards) himself, Charles Spurgeon.

  • Does righteousness exalt a nation?

    July 24 2018 by Robert M. Tenery, Book Review | with 0 comments

    Neal Jackson’s monumental work, The Coming Destruction of America, reveals his incisive understanding of the drift of our country into moral depravity. In a graphic but sobering style, he points out how this malignant depravity has crept across America in ways that are virtually unnoticed by many Christians.

  • A rainbow in the blue sky

    July 20 2018 by Keith Shorter | with 0 comments

    I remember Oct. 10, 2013, so vividly. When someone called me with the news, they had to repeat what they said because my brain could not comprehend the words. Brent was dead. I had never met someone so full of life.   READ MORE

  • A thankful spirit

    July 19 2018 by David Jeremiah | with 0 comments

    Have you thanked God for your pancreas today? That question comes courtesy of James Gills, a Florida ophthalmologist, who performs cataract surgery.   READ MORE

  • 7 signs a pastor has stayed too long

    July 18 2018 by Chuck Lawless | with 1 comments

    Some time ago, I posted, “Ten Factors that Help Long-Term Pastors Stay at Their Church. ” Since that time, I’ve also worked with declining churches whose pastors have, in my opinion, stayed too long in their current place of service.

  • Lord, make me uncomfortable

    July 17 2018 by Lee Clamp | with 0 comments

    “Lord, please give me an opportunity to share with Barry*,” I prayed halfheartedly as I walked up to my son’s ballgame. I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone, and it was so hot I decided to sit in the visitors stands in the shade.

  • Looking for community?

    July 16 2018 by Melissa Meredith | with 0 comments

    There’s a little watering hole on the way to my sister’s old place. As soon as I take the exit off the highway, I know I have 10 miles of curvy country back roads lined with canopies of evergreens before I reach it.

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