Guest Columns
  • Where is God in a hurricane?

    September 19 2018 by Scott Pace | with 0 comments

    As we witness the unfolding impact of Hurricane Florence on millions of lives, we are confronted with the question of why natural disasters occur.   READ MORE

  • Thyatira: a call to church discipline

    September 18 2018 by Jonathan Homesley | with 0 comments

    Fourth in a series   What does Jesus think of a church that tolerates false teaching? We see the answer in Christ’s open letter to the church at Thyatira.

  • Be prepared to vote

    September 18 2018 by Ray Waldbusser | with 0 comments

    The 2018 election season is upon us, so it’s time to start thinking about who to vote for on Nov. 6. Early voting begins Oct. 17.   READ MORE

  • Viral photo shows problems with IVF

    September 17 2018 by Andrew Walker | with 0 comments

    A picture showing a beautiful baby girl surrounded by over 1,100 in vitro fertilization (IVF) needles is making the rounds on the internet.   According to the description of the photo, “After trying to get pregnant for four long years via IVF, Patricia and Kimberly O’Neill, a couple from Arizona, finally welcomed a beautiful little girl, London, into the world via C-section on Aug.

  • Why can’t Christians agree?

    September 13 2018 by Dan DeWitt | with 0 comments

    Why are Christians so divided? If Christianity were true, you’d expect a lot more solidarity and unity about what Christians believe. That’s what you hear a lot from skeptics.   READ MORE

  • Hurricane Florence & the ‘many’

    September 11 2018 by Art Toalston | with 1 comments

    Don’t let the vastness of Hurricane Florence’s looming devastation cower you into thinking that your prayers can’t make a difference.   READ MORE

  • How’s your church doing?

    September 10 2018 by Gary Ledbetter | with 0 comments

    I made an unusual number of visits to the doctor(s) this year. Nothing unusual going on except I had neglected normally annual things for too long and had to catch up with the labs and scans and pokes.   READ MORE

  • A coonhound’s ‘baptism’

    September 6 2018 by Steve Playl | with 0 comments

    Everyone who knew him just called him “Red. ” He was my best friend and we spent a lot of time together.   READ MORE

  • 4 key takeaways from Catholic church scandals

    September 5 2018 by Layne Wallace | with 0 comments

    A serious scandal has ensnared the Roman Catholic Church. Recently, credible accusations surfaced that a cardinal sexually abused and harassed seminarians and young priests decades ago, one of them being a minor at the time. Reports of other clergy misconduct cases have surfaced in Pennsylvania, Australia and Ireland.

  • Pergamum: No compromises

    September 4 2018 by Ronnie Parrott | with 0 comments

    Third in a series   READ MORE

  • Fishing in the right places

    September 4 2018 by Dennis Conner | with 0 comments

    A neighbor in our condo building asked me if I like to fish. “I haven’t dropped a hook in the water since I was 14,” I told him. I went on to tell him about a conversation I had with a church member at Cashie Baptist Church in Windsor, N.

  • When the directions don’t make sense

    August 30 2018 by Katie McCoy | with 0 comments

    We were so, so close, yet so, so far.   When I moved to Fort Worth 10 years ago to enroll in seminary, my mom and I were navigating around an unfamiliar Texas city after dark trying to find our hotel.

  • A meeting of the hearts

    August 29 2018 by Rick Lance | with 0 comments

    “We are going to have a meeting of the minds. ” I have made that statement so many times that the expression has become a trite one. Perhaps you feel the same way.   READ MORE

  • Reading the Bible, every year

    August 28 2018 by Doug Munton | with 0 comments

    Few practices have blessed my life and ministry as greatly as reading the entire Bible at least once each year. Of course, as a pastor, there are some advantages. If I am quietly reading the Bible at church, for example, people say, “Don’t bother Pastor Doug!”   READ MORE

  • Don’t ditch your denomination

    August 24 2018 by Fred Luter | with 0 comments

    In September 1986, my life was changed forever when I was elected as pastor of a dying Southern Baptist mission called Franklin Avenue Baptist Church.   READ MORE

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