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  • Why attend denominational meetings?

    April 13 2018 by Gary Ledbetter, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    When the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) comes to Dallas this summer for its annual meeting, it will do so for the second time since 1985. That 1985 meeting was the largest convention meeting ever, the high water mark of our movement to return the SBC to its commitment to biblical authority.

  • Play the ball where the monkey throws it

    April 12 2018 by Jim Futral, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    A friend of mine told me about a strange experience he had while on a mission trip in Africa. Some of the folks there wanted to play golf one afternoon at a course on the edge of a large city. He was not a golfer, but just to have some fellowship with them, he went along.

  • Evangelism ‘by the Book’ & ‘from the heart’

    April 11 2018 by Matt Queen, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    A professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary used his sabbatical 17 years ago to address his concern that “evangelism is often recognized as the heartbeat of the church, yet it is rarely the focus of serious research among biblical scholars,” according to his book on the topic.

  • Your sins don’t define you

    April 10 2018 by Shea Hicks, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    “You messed up, and this mistake will always be a part of you, from now on. ”   Have you ever been told that? I am not talking about making a mistake like spilling your coffee on the white rug, or misspelling a word or backing your car into a shopping cart.

  • COOPERATIVE PROGRAM: Sandlots, whirlpools & CP

    April 9 2018 by Travis Southern, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    What do sandlots and whirlpools have to do with the Cooperative Program? When I was young, we would spend seemingly endless summers at either one of two places: the baseball diamond or a neighborhood swimming pool.   While there were certainly organized sports teams, most of my baseball career was spent playing pickup games at the sandlot in the middle of our neighborhood.

  • Welcome to the Masters

    April 6 2018 by David H. McKinley, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    There’s nothing like springtime here in Augusta!   The vibrant appearance of variegated azaleas along with an explosion of blossoming trees and flowers make this city beautiful! Augusta is known as the Garden City, yet even the glory of the flowers is trumped each year with the return of the Masters Golf Tournament.

  • Less me. More Him.

    April 5 2018 by Rhonda Rhea, The Pathway | with 0 comments

    Sometimes I long to see God do more. A new thing. Around me and in me and through me.   When I pray and then stop and think what that might require, it pretty much always boils down to this: Less me. More Him.   There’s no doubt I need to become much less satisfied with everything chocolate-covered and comfy-cozy and much more resolute in the Kingdom work that will bring Him glory.

  • The 2017 CP report: For celebration and accountability

    April 4 2018 by BR Editorial Staff | with 0 comments

    The Cooperative Program (CP) is the financial core of Southern Baptist missions and ministries. Local churches throughout North Carolina have voluntarily participated in the CP since its inception nearly 100 years ago. In fact, our network of more than 4,300 churches has often set the standard of generous missions giving for Southern Baptists across the nation.

  • When the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) convenes in June, at least two men will be nominated for president: J. D. Greear and READ MORE

  • EASTER: ‘No fear in death!’

    March 30 2018 by Steve Gaines, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    As I walked into the hospital, I looked on a visitation card at the name of the man who had requested that I visit him. He was dying of cancer and wanted me to come and pray with him. I was honored to do so.   When I walked into his hospital room, I was taken aback by his appearance.

  • The resurrection – a fatal blow to death

    March 29 2018 by Joshua Crutchfield, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    Pain is something all the world can relate to. But the cross upon which Jesus died was not the ultimate source of the pain He endured.   The cross took Jesus to the source of ultimate pain – death. He died so that He could eradicate sin, yes, but also vanquish death.

  • Strategic seniors

    March 28 2018 by Tony Wolfe, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago – a young pastor – who shared an honest concern I remember mulling over when I was in the pastorate. As the church was beginning to reach young couples, students and children, the senior adults felt less and less valuable.

  • Coach, captain & cheerleader

    March 26 2018 by Scott Brown, Baptist and Reflector | with 0 comments

    The call to be a church revitalizer is a hard call and, although church revitalizers can come in many varieties and skill sets, there are three qualities we must seek in our leadership among God’s people.   Ecclesiastes tells us, “a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

  • The blessings of a portable church

    March 26 2018 by Lori McDaniel, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    As I drove by the school our church met in, my son said to his friend, “That’s where our church meets. ” In protest, the friend said, “That’s not a church, that’s a school. ”   Technically he was right.

  • Simple questions

    March 23 2018 by Jeff Iorg, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    The American church has never been more analyzed and categorized, with predictions galore about where it’s headed, what it’s becoming, how it needs to change, and whether it is growing, plateaued or declining.   It’s easy to get lost in all this and decide the health of our own local church more intuitively – basically, do we like it? If we do, then it’s a “healthy” church.

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