Guest Columns
  • Our schedules, an idol?

    October 18 2018 by Terry Dorsett | with 0 comments

    For a growing number of people time is actually more precious than money.   Many of us fill our days running here and there trying to keep up with our overcrowded calendars. Sometimes I wonder if Americans have...

  • I could hear their heart

    October 17 2018 by Laura Hurd | with 0 comments

    I signed up my oldest son on a whim and without his knowledge for a camp hosted by a local church that serves the community through their Upward Basketball program.   Normally, I would discuss these types of...

  • Philadelphia: finish the race

    October 16 2018 by Clay Smith | with 0 comments

    Sixth in a series   “It’s not how you start, but how you finish.” In the proverbial story of the tortoise and hare, the hare darts out quickly, but a series of distractions and compromises...

  • Disaster relief & cooperation

    October 15 2018 by Ken Hemphill | with 0 comments

    During my years of service to Southern Baptists, I have frequently been asked why I am a Southern Baptist. Early on, I humorously but accurately responded that I was born one. My dad was a Baptist pastor for more than 50 years in North Carolina...

  • Unknown heroes

    October 11 2018 by Chuck Lawless | with 0 comments

    Just thinking about some men who are faithful heroes:   1. They’re pastoring churches that are average size in North America. That means on a typical Sunday they’ll have around 100 (plus or minus) in...

  • Preaching from God & before God

    October 10 2018 by Tony Wolfe | with 0 comments

    As a young man, when I accepted the call to pastor a church I was both excited and terrified – excited to begin the new season of leading and serving Christ’s bride yet terrified that I may fail them.   ...

  • An evangelism ethos

    October 9 2018 by J.D. Greear | with 0 comments

    Among the lessons we’ve learned at our church, five elements are necessary to create an evangelistic ethos, either in an individual Christian or in an entire church.   1. Intentionality and sensitivity to...

  • Lessons from a British cemetery

    October 8 2018 by Courtney McLean | with 0 comments

    Just for a minute, imagine walking down a cobblestone path older than the United States, hearing dainty British women speak about the unusually hot weather (75 degrees!), standing in a cathedral that stretches so high you have to crane your neck...

  • Kavanaugh, Ford & my Sunday School youth

    October 5 2018 by Doug Parkin | with 0 comments

    This was written as a letter by Doug Parkin to eighth-grade boys he teaches in Sunday School.   Most of you are probably aware of the Senate hearings about Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the controversy regarding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford&rsquo...

  • Pastor appreciation: Bless him, bless yourself

    October 4 2018 by Jim Futral | with 0 comments

    For years, the month of October has been designated as Pastor Appreciation Month. This is a wonderful opportunity not only for the church to bless him but also to bless yourself through strengthening the relationship through expressing your care...

  • Cooperative Program: The pulpit, the lectern & CP

    October 3 2018 by Todd R. Chipman | with 0 comments

    In November, I will celebrate 18 years pastoring the same church in Kansas City.   When God called me to my church, I was a master of divinity student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS). Because of...

  • Sardis: Be watchful

    October 2 2018 by Chip Hannah | with 0 comments

    Fifth in a series   My wife is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) for a local hospital, so she puts people under sedation before they go into surgery.   I sometimes joke that she puts people...

  • Video game diagnosis

    September 28 2018 by Brian Hobbs | with 0 comments

    With the school year underway, many parents are breathing a sigh of relief. For far too many families, the summer hours were spent not with fun in the sun but in endless screen time in the form of movies, TV shows, music and the ever-present video...

  • Social media strategy & the church

    September 27 2018 by Aaron Earls, Facts & Trends | with 0 comments

    By the time churches have fully embraced Facebook, many of their members and those they are trying to reach may have left it behind.   Nearly three-quarters of Facebook users (74 percent) have adjusted their connection with the social media...

  • The unforgettable calling

    September 26 2018 by Paul Kim | with 0 comments

    Everyone is given a name from birth. Often the name is infused with some meaning, so it is special to us.   It was a slightly cold and rainy spring day in New England when Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary held...

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