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  • Keep on going to church

    February 5 2019 by Steve Playl | with 0 comments

    We got there about 10 minutes early but still were too late to get an inside seat, so we sat outside at the Robert F. Thomas Chapel. Music rolled through the front door of the little church house and joined the notes that were piped out through...

  • The playbook

    February 1 2019 by John Yeats | with 0 comments

    For team-sport enthusiasts, you know that the playbook is one of a team’s essentials. It is much more than ‘Xs and Os.’   The playbook states the mission and the goals for the team and...

  • Another abortion video goes viral

    January 31 2019 by Josh Wester, ERLC | with 0 comments

    This week, a second video about abortion went viral. But instead of New York, this one was from the general assembly in Virginia. The video features a Democratic member of the Virginia House of Delegates offering comments in defense of proposed...

  • Teach our children

    January 30 2019 by Christian Phan | with 0 comments

    Frederick Douglass was an African American who escaped from slavery and became a leader of the abolitionist movement, saying that “it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”  ...

  • Seeing Jesus in the Holy Land

    January 28 2019 by Redunda Noble | with 0 comments

    Our family recently returned from spending a week in Israel. It wasn’t my first time visiting the Holy Land, but it felt like it. Honestly, I could visit Israel a hundred times and each time it would feel like the first. It’s a special...

  • Who’s your Waffle House waitress?

    January 25 2019 by Lee Clamp | with 0 comments

    You never know who you may run into at a Waffle House.   “What’s your name?” I asked our waitress as she gave us our menus. “Misty,” she said. We began to talk a little as I ordered a couple of eggs, and then I...

  • When People Cheer Abortion

    January 24 2019 by Russell Moore | with 0 comments
    When People Cheer Abortion

    Many were alarmed and dispirited by footage this week of raucous cheering in the New York State Senate chamber. The “Happy Days Are Here Again” sort of celebration wasn’t for a bill to guarantee health care or repair...

  • The most difficult journey

    January 23 2019 by Keith Shorter | with 0 comments

    When the phone rings at 4:30 a.m., it’s rarely good news. I picked up the phone and heard a familiar voice – my brother Larry.   “Keith, this is Larry. I’m calling to tell you goodbye. The...

  • Little school casts a big shadow

    January 22 2019 by Steve Scoggins | with 1 comments

    One out of five Southern Baptist pastors in North Carolina have attended a little school hidden in the mountains near Hendersonville, N.C. Many South Carolina pastors also came from this little school. That place is Fruitland Baptist Bible College...

  • WMU-NC celebrates Camp Mundo Vista’s 50th anniversary

    January 21 2019 by Allison L. Markwood | with 0 comments

    Where is your perfect place to get away and reconnect with God? In what sacred spaces have you heard His voice and responded to His calling? Where has God trained you for the ministry you are a part of each and every day? For many women...

  • Count the sheep

    January 17 2019 by David Jeremiah | with 0 comments

    The late-1960s TV comedy “Get Smart” featured a lovable, bumbling secret agent, Maxwell Smart, and his partner, Agent 99. Agent 99 was smart and classy, yet humble, and was always there to rescue Smart when he bumbled himself into a...

  • Your forever family

    January 15 2019 by Shane Pruitt, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention | with 0 comments

    It’s way too easy to find blogs, articles and books on “what’s wrong with the church” – ways she has fallen short of what God has called her to be and what changes she needs to make to attract and keep the next...

  • Grace amidst gaming

    January 14 2019 by Joshua and Daniel Greening | with 0 comments

    “Go into all the world and preach the gospel,” Jesus told His followers. He also said that if we love Him, we will feed His sheep. We are blessed to do both at TheWay_TV, a Christian channel on the Twitch.TV video game platform.  ...

  • Let’s sing anyway

    January 11 2019 by Chuck Lawless | with 0 comments

    I’ve been there, and you likely have as well. You’ve never heard the song your church is singing or you’ve heard it but don’t like it. The temptation is to silently mimic the words or not sing at all.   But here...

  • A visit to Plymouth, Mass.

    January 10 2019 by Paul Kim | with 0 comments

    We are all in search of freedom, peace and happiness. These ideals are priceless. They were God-given gifts, but sin introduced mankind to slavery, war and suffering. That is why God sent His Son, Jesus – to restore the world through...

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